Home Defense Foundation of New Orleans

Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

by Cap Black

Conservative. Libertarian. If you fall within one or both of these categories, the 2014 midterm Congressional elections are dangled before you like carrots to goad you into electoral action.

The GOP is in shambles, beaten by an unimaginably motely combination of outright socialists and cultural shock troops, the dregs of society who have trampled over whatever traditional values remain within the possessed husk of the Democratic Party. Cap Black seated with the big smile & white ball capMany grassroots, right-of-center folks are in a quandary. The recent government shutdown spectacle left some siding with Senator Cruz and company while others were aghast at hard working federal employees being used as political pawns, in their opinion.

Will the GOP make gains in the US House of Representatives next year? Disgruntled traditionalists (this one included) ask, “Does it matter?” in an apparently post-traditionalist America.

A Libertarian friend pointedly said during a recent discussion that the culture war is over, the Left won and that all traditionalists have remaining is promoting self-defense, something we both do in respective roles at the Home Defense Foundation (HDF) of New Orleans, with my Libertarian friend as our founder and me as coordinator.

In a land where age-old values are eclipsed by amoral experimentation, HDFs’ focus on free self-defense training and pro-safety legislative reform like “Fix 1420,” Louisiana’s justified homicide statute, may be all traditionalists have left.

2014 will come in due time, but first we must weather potential unrest when food stamp allotments are reduced by $36.00 for many clients on November 1st, 2013 and another Thanksgiving and Christmas with less money and less buying power than before.

Self-defense truly might be the last conservative cause left as the shadow of this “new normal” threatens to asphyxiate America.

For more information on the Home Defense Foundation of New Orleans and fixing state law 1420, please visit: http://www.hdfnola.org

Fix 1420 Letter Writing Campaign! Keep Home owners Safe!


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