Evil and Freedom, Power and Principle

by Robert Arvay

Why does God permit evil? One does not normally think of this as a political question, but it is. It is also one of the age-old questions, not merely a question seeking an answer, but frequently, one which casts an accusation. The often-intended implication is that a good and merciful God, one who is almighty, would never permit evil, and would never permit the suffering and pain that evil inflicts upon the innocent and helpless. Surely, a good earthly king would not do this.

So let us ask the question politically. Why does God permit evil?

A clue to the answer is found in the very definition of evil. It is a definition not found in the dictionary. In short, evil is a violation of God’s will. Acts of evil are not merely mistakes, but a well thought out opposition to God’s commands, and to God Himself.

The first recorded political act of evil occurred in heaven, when Satan led a rebellion against God. One must wonder why Satan could have thought that his rebellion had any hope of success against an all-powerful God. Surely, Satan could not have thought he had any prospect of overpowering Him who has all power.

What if, however, Satan’s rebellion was based not in force, but in deception? What if he thought that he had found the one vulnerability that makes rebellion against God possible? Could God have such a vulnerability?

Freedom. God gave to Satan, indeed to all angels and all humans, the one God-like power that makes God vulnerable to us. He gave us free will. He gave us individual sovereignty. He gave us the power to violate His free will. He gave us the power to crucify His only Son. How does this apply to politics today?

During the past few years, we have witnessed the forces of evil take increasing hold in America. We have seen holy matrimony undermined by easy divorce, and by casual cohabitation. We are seeing parenthood replaced with abortion. We watch as news and education are being perverted into propaganda and indoctrination. And on and on it goes, as the pristine ideal of America sinks slowly into the mud of corruption.

So it is that we are watching as the rebellion in heaven has come down to earth.

      “. . .Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath. . . .”

(excerpted from Revelation 12:12)

The enemy has not conquered us by force. Instead, it has enlisted many of us to its side, by deception. The end goal is tyranny, and tyranny more ruthless and more brutal than that inflicted by any military conqueror.

 In moments of great frustration, many of us, myself included, have wished that we could simply rebel, and that we could replace by brute force what we have thus far failed to achieve by persuasion. God could have done that long ago. Why hasn’t He?

Again, the answer is freedom, a God-given gift.

When we begin to fantasize that we could replace our presently degenerate system of corrupt politicians by brute force, we must be careful to weigh the consequences. To be sure, there are times when force is right and necessary. The Founders of our nation knew that, but the nature of their rebellion was to cast off tyranny, not to substitute for it the same tyranny with different tyrants.

I have sometimes wished that a few wise men and women who are in positions of power might execute a coup, and install rulers who are more to my liking.

It would only be temporary, of course. The newly installed dictatorship would hold power only so long as necessary to replace the false propaganda of the left, with the truth of the right. It would only rule just long enough to restore Constitutional principles. Once a few vital plans had been implemented, then the new tyranny— the good tyrants— would voluntarily relinquish their absolute power, and return power to the people. They would have remained uncorrupted themselves. Wouldn’t they?

If this sounds like a pipe dream, it is because that’s what it is. If it sounds like the evil empire foretold in the Bible, perhaps that is because it would give rise to such.

Near the beginning of this commentary, evil was defined as a violation of God’s will, a definition not found in the dictionary. There is also another part of the definition that is not found there, and that is this:  evil is self-destructive.

Most people seem to think that in The Revelation, God intervenes to destroy the Satanic empire in the battle of Armageddon. If my reading of the scripture is accurate, that battle occurs only after the Satanic empire has fallen, when the kingdom of Jesus rules, and when Satan attempts one last time to destroy it. Before then, the Satanic empire has already fallen. It falls of its own weight, like a giant oak tree, outwardly mighty, but eaten from within by corruption.

Freedom must be defended, and at all costs. It must be defended by force when necessary, but never by imposition of a tyranny that poses as a good.

 As we are instructed in Galatians Chapter 5:

      13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

In other words, we must use our freedom only for good. America has been blessed with freedom, but too many of us have used that freedom for vileness and debauchery. In doing so, we are bringing about our own self-destruction, a fate that no enemy, foreign or domestic, could inflict upon us.

The cure for tyranny is freedom. The cure for falsehood is truth. The cure for evil is goodness.

Yes, I will still fantasize from time to time about “good tyrants” taking over the government, but that is a product not of any wisdom, but of frustration at seeing evil in its wrath destroying our great nation. I will still be tempted to think that all we need is a better king.

But I know how badly that story ends. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

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