New column in JWT’s Journal today

You may not be aware that there are several ‘blog feeds’ on The Bold Pursuit, including JWT’s Journal, a column by John Wayne Tucker, a former minister, teacher and candidate for U.S. Congress (MO). Mr. Tucker’s latest column, “Who is Really Responsible for the Government Shutdown?”

You’ll also find intriguing commentary in The Patriot’s Notepad and Patriotic Perspectives, as well as breaking stories on our Newsmax page.

We’re building out a new section, The Aerie, to highlight books, music, poetry and art by creative conservatives. Please check it out – and let us know if you have a book or creative work to share with us.

Our syndication partner, US4Palin, provides a daily stream of information about former Governor and candidate for the vice presidency, Sarah Palin.

Thank you for visiting The Bold Pursuit. We hope you enjoy our work (we’re all an volunteer army – no paid staff or writers) and invite your friends to visit our site.

~ Clio, Publisher


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