JC Ethic Stops Crime

by Cap Black, Contributing Writer

As an anti-crime activist, two of my most powerful weapons are reminding Americans of their cultural super powers: the Judeo Christian ethic, which I call the “JC Ethic” and the Constitution.

The JC Ethic is America’s top crime prevention tool because folks governed by the Ten Commandments and/or the Gospel, don’t have to be governed by cops, COs (Correctional Officers), prosecutors and others.

The JC Ethic promotes ethical self-governance; something all agree is in precious short supply from the Hood to the Heartland, as Miley Cyrus repulsively reminds us.

This self-governance even applies to secularists and agnostics who nonetheless can practice this ethos.

We have a country being brow beaten (and worse) into deleting cultural super powers of the JC Ethic and the Constitution in favor of documents and a soulless doctrine of a distinctively Eastern European origin that rejects God, moral absolutes and ethical behavior.

The JC Ethic remains America’s best crime prevention program because it is self-administered and thus doesn’t need tax payer-funded forces to oversee.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative is an anti-crime activist and coordinator of the Home Defense Foundation http://www.hdfnola.org

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