Unimaginably Tiny Attack: The Chickens of War are Unleashed

by Robert Arvay

If before, there was any doubt that America’s foreign policy is inept, that doubt has vanished, except in the minds of the hopelessly inept themselves.

The shock and awe of military attacks that were iconic during the Iraq War have been replaced by the shockingly awesome idiocy that saturates every level of Obama-ian diplomacy.

Were this the script for a fictional movie, even the Monty Python troupe might consider it too farcical to present to an audience with any brains at all. The script might include something like this:  a news announcer reveals that:

 “Today, Syria’s dictator was outraged, outraged, to suddenly discover that the United States launched an unimaginably tiny attack on Syria two weeks ago. Syrian investigators are on the scene, trying to find evidence of the attack, but for now, they are taking CNN’s word that it happened.”

If war is, as the adage goes, diplomacy by other means, then the reverse is also true. Diplomacy is, so to speak, war by nonviolent means. Whatever the methods, foreign relations are not for amateurs. Even the relationships between the US and Canada, which share the world’s longest undefended border, sometimes sour, requiring expert negotiators on both sides to maintain friendly, and mutually beneficial, accords.

Diplomacy with nations such as Syria, Iran and North Korea are a form of war, wars fought with words, but wars no less pivotal to the security of the United States. Diplomacy with Russia is world war, brutal and even potentially fatal.

Obama doesn’t get it.

What Obama fails to understand is that there is a massive difference between the words of diplomacy and the words of a speech. Foreign policy is not a campaign trail. It is not a casual conversation in an Ivy League professors’ lounge. In diplomacy, threats are not mere threats; they are binding promises to act. If one draws a red line and warns that it must not be crossed, it is sheer lunacy, once that line has been crossed, to mouth some idiocy such as, ‘I didn’t draw that line – the world did it.’ I didn’t build that, someone else did. It’s George W Bush’s fault.

Yet for all practical purposes, that is exactly what Obama has done.

A diplomatic threat, once the line has been crossed, must be carried out. It must. That is why one does not lightly make threats involving military force. They are made only after painstaking consultation with experts. One carefully weighs and measures how, when, and where, the threat is made, and of course, why. Every alternative must be considered, every possible outcome must be foreseen to the degree possible. Dissenting voices must be given a fair hearing, and even the sharpest criticism must be respected before making the threat.

Even then, there is no guarantee of success. But “shooting from the lip” is a guarantee of disaster, and disaster precisely describes the Obama Doctrine, a doctrine which is rife with the words, “Uh,” “umm,” and “corpseman.”

Obama has done worse than merely putting his foot in his mouth. He has endangered us all.

What can be done?

Sadly, nothing. The damage is so severe that the question has become, not how to fix it, but who can clean up the mess? Who?

It certainly is not Obama. He does not have it in him to humble himself, to admit his errors, and to reverse course. It’s not in his genes.

Nor is it in his background. No one ever told him that there is a difference between bullying and self-defense, between ruthless colonialism and legitimate projection of power. What he has been taught is that the United States is a racist, sexist, homophobic oppressor of Muslims, and that the US must be brought low. He believes that, and worse, his handlers believe that.

The Obama Doctrine was not written overnight. It took decades for left wing activists, of the Bill Ayers ilk, to achieve the dream of placing their ideal (and perhaps Manchurian) candidate for president in the White House. Decades. Finally, the most left wing president ever, now occupies the oval office, and from there wreaks havoc, while the dogs of war strain at their leashes.

As Obama’s favorite preacher, Jeremiah Wright once said, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

2 thoughts on “Unimaginably Tiny Attack: The Chickens of War are Unleashed

  1. Excellent article, Robert! If Obama is not a Manchurian candidate, he's the closest darn thing to one that we'll ever see.

  2. I was proved right, when I wrote that, "The damage is so severe that the question has become, not how to fix it, but who can clean up the mess?"It turns out that it was Vladimir Putin who saved Obama's bacon,and just in the nick of time.

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