September 11th: Twelve Years Later

by Cap Black

September 11, 2001 found me busily visiting my downtown post office box, oblivious to foreign affairs despite having a lifelong interest in them.

I walked into the main area, and noticed a radio playing loudly – which was very odd. I asked the postal worker what was wrong and she said, “They attacked us.”

She then described two airliners hitting the World Trade Center in New York and I immediately called my maternal grandmother and filled her in.

From that point forward, I knew things would change. The specifics of said changes would come in time but one thing I knew with deadly certainly was this generation of Americans would be facing some form of mobilization.

Fast forward to 2013 and with hindsight I see this mobilization hasn’t quite assumed the universal call to arms of the Greatest Generation during World War II.

The presidential baton has passed from Bush to Obama and some loudly wonder if government is mobilizing against the public.

For me, September 11, 2001 means a tragic day when flame and spilled blood forged a bond that suspended racial and partisan bickering, as we became ‘one’ to face a brutal enemy whom experts knew had been stalking America for years.

As an anti-crime activist and Frederick Douglass liberty messenger ( [Preview]) the worst crime is if the pregnant warning of this day of days goes unheeded:

Free your people to defend themselves instead of over regulating their right to self-defense against enemies, foreign and domestic, without any regulations!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Anti-Crime Activist


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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