A Mother’s Hope

This week, we begin our annual Remembrances for the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, as well as the attack on the Benghazi embassy on 9/11/2012. We begin with a poem by a new contributor to The Bold Pursuit, Thomas Gilleece. ~ Clio, Publisher

A Mother’s Hope

by Thomas Gilleece, Guest Contributor

When you were young, it wasn’t difficult to keep you safe and warm
Together – love, our tether – we would weather every storm
I dried your eyes, wiped your nose, and came each time you’d call
A Band-Aid on your boo-boo, and a kiss each time you’d fall
A fence around the yard helped to widen my embrace
A plug in every socket, cabinets locked up, just in case
Buckle up your seat belt; wear a helmet when you ride
Zipper up your jacket, wear a hat – it’s cold outside!
In a world that’s filled with danger, I did everything I could
I prayed I made you cautious, and I hoped you understood

Too soon our hold starts to slip
And we loosen our grip,
As our children set sail on an uncharted trip;
Like delicate flowers, they, too, need to grow,
With reluctance,
We lift up our wings…
And let go

But we must always be vigilant, our work is never done
I’m torn to think I could have been more watchful of my son
I’m tortured by the memories, so painful to recall,
Of a lifetime with my baby, in the days before the fall
One morning keens so loudly, in the stillness of my heart
When the silent dreams were broken and my world was torn apart
You once asked if there were monsters, your young eyes were open wide
I told you monsters don’t exist (I’m sorry that I lied)
And I guess we all now realize that there’s no place we can hide
9/11 changed all that – the day my baby died

So I wander through the ashes, in the darkness still I grope
For something I can cling to … and all I find is hope

I hope somebody held you on the day the towers fell
I hope you never saw the way the skyline merged with Hell
I hope you know I’ve loved you every moment since your birth
I hope you felt that love in your last minutes on this earth
I hope you didn’t suffer, and I hope you weren’t scared
I hope you know I’d give my life, if somehow you’d be spared
I hope you know you’re with me, in my heart and in my soul
I hope you know without you, I will never be quite whole
I hope that you’re in Heaven, and that God has eased your pain
I hope that I can see you soon, and hold you once again

After 9/11, there’s only one way I can cope
I hope for death, I hope that it comes soon
I hope … I hope

One thought on “A Mother’s Hope

  1. Very moving account, Tom. I have a lump in my throat. That day is too sad for words, but you found just the right ones to describe what too many experienced and live with still.

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