TBP Roundup – the week’s best articles

If you missed these articles earlier this week, this is your chance to catch up with columnists and contributors ~ Clio

From JWT’s Journal:

What Does the Government Know About You?

In a world that almost relies on Social Media for many types of interactions, where we tell strangers our location, what we are doing and how long we will be doing it – is privacy something we even care about anymore? Yet, the Constitution of the United States; specifically, the Fourth Amendment under The Bill of Rights guarantees the protection of our privacy…

From The Patriot’s Notepad


by Thomas Gilleece, Guest Contributor

I wonder if historians will judge radical anti-abortionist Scott Roeder as favorably as they’ve judged radical abolitionist John Brown. Why is the fight against slavery almost always considered heroic, while the fight against abortion is generally considered controversial?

The Evil Spirit of Liberalism
by Robert Arvay

The flaws in modern liberalism are so huge, and so obvious, that one wonders how anyone could possibly be fooled by it. Perhaps liberals are not fooled. Perhaps they are not victims of shoddy thinking, but rather, opportunists hoping to cash in on a perceived train wreck…

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