TBP Roundup: popular commentary and features

TBP Roundup is back! Below is a list of the current top content on TBP – please feel free to share your comments ~ Clio

Baton Rouge Justice for Trayvon Rally a Democrat GOTV Event

by Cap Black

As an ‘old school’ American brother hiding in plain sight within Black America’s cultural woodpile, I get unequalled access to the liberal world (of all colors) which often eludes more mainstream conservatives…

The Government is Like Fire: Necessary and Dangerous

by Robert Arvay

There is an old adage that says, fire is a useful servant, but a cruel master. Fire is useful when it is restricted to the fireplace, but when it escapes into the parlor, fire is destructive and deadly… The Government is Like Fire

Can America Save Money? What We Could Learn from Calvin Coolidge – JWT’s Journal

It is no secret that America is consumed by fiscal debt that threatens the survival of the entire nation. This is, in fact, something of a world crisis that appears to be even worse in other nations than here at home…

What Happened to Our Beloved America? Part 1

by Jim Mullen

Surely, it’s been a million lies ago since the media hoisted Marxist Barack Obama upon their disreputable shoulders and placed him on his majestic throne in that big White House on Pennsylvania, Avenue…

The Technology Nightmare is Here

by Robert Arvay

The more complex a system is, the easier it is to destroy it. This is why one can cut a simple animal like a starfish in half, and both halves will live, while a mighty elephant can be killed with a single bullet…

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