What Happened to Our Beloved America? Part 1

by Jim Mullen

Surely, it’s been a million lies ago since the media hoisted Marxist Barack Obama upon their disreputable shoulders and placed him on his majestic throne in that big White House on Pennsylvania, Avenue. 

On an unusually bright morning for liberals and an expressly, despondent day for free America, he washed ashore on the American political scene. Aside from leftist extremists, his discovery went largely unnoticed – like so-much political driftwood. As it happened, however, liberal progressives had combed political beaches for decades scouring and digging for that perfect specimen to wash aground. 

Anxiously, they anticipated and longed for that ideal piece of political debris with just the right color, texture and shine. 

Obama had been awash and well-steeped in the briny of leftist academia, was just the right shade of black and already politically bent and shaped to the far left. For skilled operatives, it seemed a cinch to fluff, powder, and shine this prime trophy with precisely the right sheen. The plan was to create a specimen that would draw raves when properly showcased on national tours. Gleefully, they dusted him off and readied him for public display and fawning accolades. 

The rest was mostly about staging, marketing, and slight-of-hand. Obama’s part in this ready-for-prime-time American tragedy was to stand on his spot and arrogantly project his chin triumphantly; a la Benito Mussolini. He would then move his head to-and-fro reading propaganda scrolling on his Tele-Prompter, like a ventriloquist’s dummy. 

Radical leftists everywhere were overcome with bliss when they discovered that Barack came from nearly perfect stock. Obama was sired by a Communist father, born to a Communist mother, and reared by mostly Communist mentors. His Muslim father left a bitter Barack Obama suffering from abandonment disorder. Because of his background, upbringing, and intelligentsia education, he had a burning hatred of America, England and other Western civilizations. 

With Obama, liberals knew they had a man who could help them take the country up and over that steep hill to Marxism. They could position him in front of their movement and push him up the hill. They knew full well of conservatives’ propensity to cower in fear and hold their fire, when facing the dreaded rapid-fire accusations of racism. 

He came ready-made for the bull work of far left politics. Their prized find was not only raised and educated by leftists, Communists, black religious racists, radicals, and terrorists, but he claimed them as his own. Admitting he sought them out in college, he entered the White House highly skilled in the most respected skills for subversives: race-baiting, class warfare, and loathing of Capitalism. 

Obama picked up his dirty laundry of Marxists, Communists, and other radical friends from the sullied floor of corrupt Chicago politics, and climbed aboard the Washington express. Subsequently, like dirty laundry is prone to do, it all began to reek. The White House immediately assumed the stench of Chicago’s corrupt political underworld. 

The new king of the left came with an added talent of being slick with the oily phrase. His TelePrompter alive with script, he delivered his lines like a highly-skilled Shakespearean actor. Pompous and cock-sure he masterfully held his audience and immediately embraced the role of “savior of the Republic” after wide-spread dissatisfaction with George Bush’s administration. 

The only script this radicalized community organizer had problems reading was never on his Tele-Prompter. It was the cursive script of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. He contemptibly called the Constitution a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon us by our Founding Fathers. He complained further, “The Supreme Court didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” Additionally, it becomes clearer with each passing day, that he interprets the Declaration of Independence, as the “declaration of dependency.” He set out on day-one to circumvent, violate, and ignore the laws of our land and its Constitution. 

Without his Marxist writers and handlers, however, Obama is just another untrained animal in the political circus. When performing on his own he loses all finesse and reminds one of a child explaining why his hand is elbow-deep in the cookie jar. Oh, uh, uh, and uh, uh, comprises much of his vocabulary without his script writers. A mere decade ago, a man with Obama’s job history, record on issues, and Marxist ideas would have been laughed off the national stage; regardless of his party or skin color. 

However, the leftwing media and dependent side of the nation were so enamored and star-struck, they seldom let the public see warts on the many faces of Barack Obama. There was nothing the main-stream media, entertainment industry, and the Marx and Alinsky followers couldn’t cover up. They could not allow harmful revelations of his jaggedness, shallowness, and anti-Americanism to reach freedom-loving citizens. It was a spectacular Hollywood presentation – written, performed and directed by the best the left had to offer. As in every Hollywood production, the design was to misdirect, misinform, and entertain; not to educate. 

After his election, most Americans quickly realized that his “Audacity of Hope” to mortality was to destroy the American Republic. Redistribution of income, wealth, and property to achieve social and racial justice was his overwhelming passion. Unfortunately, among voting Americans, a plurality loved the idea of ripping wealth and income from the industrious and successful and giving it to the slothful and unmotivated. 

The real Obama almost immediately began oozing from the White House like ugly and malodorous sludge from a sewer. By now, most people know Obama’s weakness of character, his hatred for American principles, race-baiting, business bashing, and expertise in class warfare. His smarminess, arrogance, and lack of understanding of real-world problems and solutions are now infamous at home and known worldwide by friend and foe alike. 

This grandest of all nations has a President who vehemently despises this country, its Constitution, its culture, and everything it stands for to the point of wanting it destroyed and replaced with a powerful Marxist regime and economic system. 

He accelerated devastation of our economic system and American culture; expanded centralized government and caused Americans to fear for their liberty, safety, property, and wealth. 

There is little doubt Barack Obama’s policies hasten destruction of America’s free-enterprise, entrepreneurial, Capitalistic, and republic form of government. With over three years remaining in his term, he could leave our country on the whimpering, dependent edge of dictatorship. 

However, Americans must ask how we as a nation got to a point in American history where people have great fear of government, when government should fear the people? Why did we allow an all-pervading centralized government to stifle initiative, dissuade competition, control personal liberty, and set upon American citizens like a great plague? 

Were we not warned about this perilous flight into oblivion by our Founding Fathers who gave us our Republic? Did they not tell us of the potential for tyranny if we accepted centralized federal government expansion and a usurping of power from the people and the states? Did they not counsel us of freedom’s fragility and caution us against exchanging liberty for security? 

Did they not tell us, be eternally vigilant, hardworking, and mindful of national purse strings? Did they not warn us to mind our own business in affairs of state, and forcefully resist the softness of dependency? 

Part 2 of this article will revisit many of the crossroads to which our country arrived by happenstance or planning and made choices not conducive to independence. Too many times, we took the easy, deadly, and progressive road to perdition instead of setting our course toward liberty. 

Jim Mullen


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