Blatant MSM lies about Morsi

by Don Hank

ABC, in lockstep with Obama, wants you to believe Morsi is the first democratically elected leader to be arrested in Egypt. Their headline reads:

“President Morsi Ousted: First Democratically Elected Leader Under House Arrest” [emphasis –Don]

There are two blatantly false suggestions in the ABC headline (and ABC is only one of many):

1–the suggestion that Morsi was the first democratically elected president of Egypt

2–the suggestion that he was the first democratically elected leader to be arrested.

So Morsi was the second democratically elected leader to be arrested and he was not the first democratically elected leader of Egypt. Obama and his minions in the media are lying as usual to make you feel outraged that the military would behave undemocratically, as if the 33 million Egyptian march never happened and the public was satisfied to have this tyrant award himself plenipotentiary powers.

Do not fall for this cheap stunt.

That is simply not true. Mubarak was also democratically elected and was also arrested, prior to Morsi being elected:

Quote: Mubarak was elected to his fifth consecutive term as president in September 2005.

Quote: On May 24, 2011, Mubarak was ordered to stand trial in Cairo

Then there is the matter of the suspension of the Constitution, which ABC and the MSM at large mention without comment. Americans reading this are naturally outraged because they imagine this would be like suspending the US Constitution and human rights protected thereunder. Quite the opposite.

On July 3, 2013, BBC reminded us that the Constitution was not written by and for the people of Egypt but by Morsi’s hand-picked Islamist cohorts in order to give Morsi more power:

The response to Mr Morsi’s August decrees was by and large favourable, but there was widespread anger on 22 November when, with the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly tasked with writing a new constitution was on the brink of collapse, the president issued an interim constitutional declaration granting himself far-reaching powers.

The Constitution that was suspended by the Egyptian military was a replacement of the more democratic original constitution and was written for Morsi and the Islamists, and its enactment was tantamount to the suspension of the legitimate constitution that had originally granted power to the whole of the Egyptian people, not just to a self-centered religious hegemony.

Imagine if a democratically elected US president rewrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and then this power hungry president were overthrown and European media sympathetic to this deposed leader falsely reported that he was the first democratically elected leader in America, had been ousted in a coup d’état, and the Constitution – the one he had rewritten to strip you of your rights, but the media deceptively failed to mention this – had been suspended.

Would the Europeans not be incensed to learn this contrived ‘news,’ even though it was a lie?

That is the fraud that is being perpetrated on the people of Egypt.

They have a moral right to be just as incensed at our press as they are at their ousted would-be dictator.


Don Hank is a guest blogger to The Bold Pursuit.

Black Old School vs New Fools

by Cap Black

It never fails folks, when I’m on mainstream media sharing my conservative anti-crime/pro-personal responsibility method, I get rave reviews from fellow “old school” brothers, despite their being Democrats!

I think of my late mentor, a strong supporter of this administration whose character, as a retired police officer and godly man, placed him to the right of Attila The Hun when it came to ethics.

You heard me right, folks. I have Black Democrats supporting my nakedly conservative message because – guess what – it’s their message,too, as advocates of the Black old school approach.

“Old School” is my Black English (not Ebonics! lol) term for values otherwise known as conservative in the broader political context.

Traditional marriage, the 2nd Amendment and fighting crime via shame, protests, street patrol, etc., are central features of old school Black male thought.

The fact that most old school brothers support Obama and a platform decidedly to the far left of their core principles remains one of America’s great political paradoxes.

My old school coalition represents the only hope the inner city has for preserving traditional values and displacing urban death culture – period!

I’d rather organize with good Americans who believe as I do on civilizational necessities as opposed to wasting time arguing about why they should vote Republican, though such a choice has significant merit in a two party system.

The Black old school is essentially non-partisan since comfortable Democrats and Republicans are loathe to leave cushy offices and suburban enclaves to brave the badlands where this coalition does cultural battle.

As the GOP uncomfortably fumbles toward darker sectors of the Republic (smh), this coalition and inclusive grassroots groups “across town” (i.e. where White folks live) represent ground up, not bottom down, vehicles to save traditional values.

The Black old school isn’t a separatist phenomena. If anything, its a strand of the common American fabric where shared principles live in often far removed zip codes and ethnicities.

Old school brothers don’t even blink when I’m introduced as the Hood Conservative because when I talk, I’m preaching to the choir. Our values are one in the same, regardless of party affiliation.

Now if I could get more of them to stop voting Democrat so much (lol).

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Re-declaring Independence

by Robert Arvay


White House Down is a new movie that depicts a terrorist attack on the White House. 2012 is an older movie about a natural disaster that destroys the world “as we know it.” Neither of the movies is realistic, but the lack of realism is not because of the technical details depicted in the films.

Instead, what is unrealistic are their portrayals of the president of the United States.

Oh, to be sure, both “movie” presidents are black, the same racial identity as our mixed-race president in real life. But there, the resemblance ends. The fictional presidents are depicted as men of principle, men of courage, men willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Even the capitalist-hating president in White House Down, who blames war on the weapons-industry, and who believes that the terrorists only want peace, even he is willing to risk his life for others.

Real life is of course vastly different. Barack Obama is nothing like the man portrayed in the movies. But he is not the only coward in our government. The recent scandals—nay, the recent betrayals of the public trust– dwarf any movie portrayal. These include the General Services Administration, Operation Gun-Runner, Benghazi, Internal Revenue Service (with its multiple scandals), National Security Agency, the failures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Boston bombing – among many others. We await the discovery of what the next betrayal will be.

And what will they be? The answer is in our history, a history which seems to be repeating itself.

In 1776, the people of the American colonies rose up in revolt against a distant government that did not represent their interests. Today, we are faced with another such government. The colonists famously opposed “taxation without representation.” Today, our grandchildren are being spent into bankruptcy with money borrowed in their name—and with no representation.

But there is much, much more. The Declaration of Independence lists twenty-seven separate grievances against the king, all of them being abuses of power and violation of the public trust. Sound familiar?

No one of these abuses, indeed no few of them, were enough to incite the colonists to violent revolution. As the Declaration itself makes clear:

 . . . governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; . . . mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves . . . But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

Ironically, the very words which founded our nation are now regarded, by those in power, as dangerous ideas. Dangerous ideas!

But consider our own long list of usurpations, designed to reduce us under absolute despotism. Here are a few:

A legislature which passes laws without having read them, cannot be said to represent the interests of the citizenry, not by any possible stretch of the imagination.

Bureaucracies, which squander billions of dollars on their own perquisites and lavish entertainment, do not represent the taxpayer. And while this wasteful spending of our money with wild abandon continues, the government insists that even more tax dollars are needed to fund critical programs.

Government officials, who refuse to testify before Congress about their knowledge of crimes and misdemeanors going on inside their domains, do not represent the American citizen.

Senators who get elected on their promise to control our borders, and who then pivot and craft laws to do exactly the opposite, such men betray the trust which the public placed in them.

Courts which by narrow margins, routinely overturn public referendums on specious grounds, based on their own personal aesthetics, do not represent the voters.

Must we list a full twenty-seven? That number could surely be far exceeded, given the vast size and scope of a government that has swelled to proportions which few citizens comprehend.

Not even the Boston Massacre triggered an American revolution. This was true both on March 5, 1770, and again on April 15, 2013.

Apparently, Americans can endure a great many grievances. But this is not because we are longsuffering, rather, because too many of us are oblivious to reality. For too many of us, the capital of the United States is not in Washington, D.C., but at the local movie theater.

The only question now is, how many more usurpations can the people long endure? Surely, there is a limit. If not, then the light of Liberty will soon fade, and what follows after will be, to adapt a line from the movie 2012, “the end of the world as we know it.”


Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad


The Fourth of July

by Sandy Stringfellow

One perplexing and vexing frustration
For many patriots scattered far and wide
How quickly some are prone to forget
Our history on the Fourth of July

Not the holiday Fourth of last year
Nor the July Fourth previous to that
The Founders’ original Fourth of July
Based on well-studied historical fact

For true liberty, it was a birthday
One born from heart-felt resolution
When the Founders’ made it known
Their commitment to a new revolution

Not a revolution for benefit of tyranny
Nor a typical despotic seizure of power
It was for government by We the People
It was personal courage in it’s finest hour

That Fourth of July was unique in history
Though it wasn’t the start of our resistance
Congress declared us free on July the Second
Then gave us our Declaration of Independence

By approving the Declaration of Independence
Congress made known the profoundest truth
Our natural rights come not from woman or man
Natural rights emanate from God to me and you

As we now celebrate this year’s Fourth of July
Again read our Declaration of Independence
The inspired work of men with faith and genius
It is critically important to our very subsistence

At least if we seek to remain a free people
If we intend to cherish our God-given rights
The philosophical precepts of the Declaration
Are what the Founders found worthy of a fight

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

Sonnet of Spirit of Old Glory

Behold the eagle spreads its wings Hearken, hear O trumpets call! It urgently soars with the winds What now, what next, to befall

Cowards flinch, they shirk to fight None on a ship or on the shore Brave men ready with all their might Such love of country can’t be more

For in the balance, freedom hangs That, they sacrificed to defend Our hopes and dreams, still in hands When those battles came to an end

And Spirit of Old Glory was revealed By brave men in heaven, on that field

By:  Shylock

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