Black Folks Should Demand Federal Prosecution of Thugs & Gangs, Not Just George Zimmerman

by Cap Black

While I was one of the quiet chorus of conservative voices who thought George Zimmerman wrong for exiting his vehicle on that historic night, I totally disagree with the Left’s handling of his acquittal’s aftermath.
Black folks asking the Obama Justice Department to file civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman (usually reserved for brutal police officers) rings hollow compared to the deafening silence they have regarding demanding the feds more aggressively target drug dealers and gangs terrorizing the inner city.
Ooops, I forgot, this administration’s idea of fighting inner city drug crime is reducing mandatory minimums for crack dealers??? 
I attend majority Black liberal community meetings all the time and witness how ex-cons and enablers of Black criminals wrap stakeholders around their fingers.
We’ve become excuse makers for the very people killing us –
more than anyone else!
My online petition to the NAACP, Crime Isn’t A Civil Right: Oppose Black-On-Black Homicide, addresses this surreal Stockholm Syndrome head on.
The association leads the pack of excuse makers shedding crocodile tears over mass incarceration, sentencing disparities of crack verses powder cocaine, stop and frisk in high homicide inner cities, etc.
Exalting the worst among us as if their choices aren’t to blame dooms us to even worse excesses in the near future.
Were George Zimmerman another Black man it’s doubtful the story would have been repeated the following week. Blaming White people for Black homicide may be a liberal article of faith but it’s a false one.
Until we face down murderers in our midst, we continue being a joke of a community who love their killers more than innocent victims – infants included.
That’s why the motto of my anti-crime group, Brothers Against Crime, says it all:
“Don’t Blame The White Man-Make A Stand!” 
Cap Black The Hood Conservative
Anti Crime Activist
Brothers Against Crime


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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