An open letter to our miserable excuse of a President…Oh-bama.

(The following is an open letter posted on Facebook by Rich Fleetwood. In keeping with our site standards, certain words were modified in order to maintain the author’s intent and indignation ~ Clio, Publisher)

ObamaCare has reached a brand new level of f***ing personal interrogation. I just got a letter today from the State of Wyoming Employee’s Group Insurance “Department of Administration and Information Human Resources Division.”

You, Mr. “President,” are going too far now with your delightfully sinister plans to kill off American Citizens in any way possible.

I have to PROVE TO THEM that my marriage of 32 years to my spouse is VALID…or they will cancel coverage of her as my dependent. Gee…does it have anything to do with her being “disabled”? Is it because of her need for the “expensive” insulin our insurance carrier Rx fulfillment department denied filling last year, where I had to go ballistic with their customer service, after she had to go WITHOUT for several days?

Does the words “diabetic shock,” a precursor to DEATH, ring a bell for you? YOU and your piss poor excuse for “change” put my poor wife in a position that could have resulted in those events happening, had I not gone medieval on their buttocks when they tried to save a few pitiful pennies on medication costs and refused to approve the pharmacy prescription refill.

Are you ALREADY starting those “death panels” that everyone says is hidden in your bull***t 1200 page ObamaCare legislation? Are you trying to start killing people EARLIER now by canceling insurance I pay $500 a month for, for the coverage of EVERYTHING that the state offers their employees? I pay extra, to get every level of coverage offered, because my wife and kids and I went WITHOUT insurance coverage for EIGHT years, before starting my state job, and you want MORE….for LESS?

I mean, this letter is THREATENING ME with cancellation of my wife’s coverage if I don’t JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to verify a LEGITIMATE MARRIAGE to SOME FACELESS ADMINISTRATOR who really doesn’t give a $**t…and only has to start weeding out as many people as possible in the state roster of employees to put MORE MONEY in the pockets of charlatans, politicians, and YOU…you miserable excuse for a president!!

I mean… WTF… ????

I am very angry right now about this, if it’s not quite obvious to you by my use of French above. In ALL my years of working since our marriage, I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had to PROVE my marriage to a SINGLE employer.

Why NOW? WHY AT ALL? I’ve got 32 years of IRS documents that prove that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT accepts at face value our marriage, because every tax return has been signed and sent in as MARRIED, FILING JOINTLY.

Obama, you commie b****rd. Get the HELL out of my personal life. The foul stench of your socialist regime taking every God given right away from we FREE AMERICANS, stealing our money, supporting your terrorist friends, and using your henchmen in the IRS and every other federal agency you’ve hijacked as your personal Gestapo and Good Squad is GOING to come to an end…the sooner the better.

I hope you do go to prison for treason…my sincerest dream for the likes of you and every stinking one of your precious, UNELECTED, czars and czaristas. The fact that YOU have increased YOUR net worth by $15 million in five years, while I haven’t had a raise in that same amount of time (and most state employees haven’t either in this state), REALLY galls me to no end.

Leave my family alone. NOW…or I’ll REALLY have to rant about your ineptitude and lack of ANY good ethics or qualities.

You, sir, are a canker sore on the lips of every free born citizen of this great nation. You’ve destroyed SO MANY good things about this country, while PERSONALLY enriching yourself and ALL of your Chicago cronies. You’ve taken a nation that was the land of the free, and the home of the brave, and made it into the land of the poor, and the home of the naive.

You’re gutting our military, taking away our constitution, enforcing criminal statutes on the innocent, and literally KILLING people the world over, and soon here, with your sick and twisted ideas of the use of drones both internationally AND domestically. For the love of God (which, sir, I know YOU have none), please just go away. Go back home to Kenya, or Indonesia, or even Mother Russia (but I doubt they’d take you back now, after you pissed off Putin)…anywhere…anywhere but here…in OUR great land.

Threaten my wife again, like you did today, and I’ll have to get REALLY nasty, and contact the bane of YOUR existence … the CONSERVATIVE media. You really don’t want me to do that now…really. I do have quite a bit of experience in the basics of citizen journalism…including a couple of college degrees in that area.

Rich Fleetwood is the Founder/Author of

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