Blatant MSM lies about Morsi

by Don Hank

ABC, in lockstep with Obama, wants you to believe Morsi is the first democratically elected leader to be arrested in Egypt. Their headline reads:

“President Morsi Ousted: First Democratically Elected Leader Under House Arrest” [emphasis –Don]

There are two blatantly false suggestions in the ABC headline (and ABC is only one of many):

1–the suggestion that Morsi was the first democratically elected president of Egypt

2–the suggestion that he was the first democratically elected leader to be arrested.

So Morsi was the second democratically elected leader to be arrested and he was not the first democratically elected leader of Egypt. Obama and his minions in the media are lying as usual to make you feel outraged that the military would behave undemocratically, as if the 33 million Egyptian march never happened and the public was satisfied to have this tyrant award himself plenipotentiary powers.

Do not fall for this cheap stunt.

That is simply not true. Mubarak was also democratically elected and was also arrested, prior to Morsi being elected:

Quote: Mubarak was elected to his fifth consecutive term as president in September 2005.

Quote: On May 24, 2011, Mubarak was ordered to stand trial in Cairo

Then there is the matter of the suspension of the Constitution, which ABC and the MSM at large mention without comment. Americans reading this are naturally outraged because they imagine this would be like suspending the US Constitution and human rights protected thereunder. Quite the opposite.

On July 3, 2013, BBC reminded us that the Constitution was not written by and for the people of Egypt but by Morsi’s hand-picked Islamist cohorts in order to give Morsi more power:

The response to Mr Morsi’s August decrees was by and large favourable, but there was widespread anger on 22 November when, with the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly tasked with writing a new constitution was on the brink of collapse, the president issued an interim constitutional declaration granting himself far-reaching powers.

The Constitution that was suspended by the Egyptian military was a replacement of the more democratic original constitution and was written for Morsi and the Islamists, and its enactment was tantamount to the suspension of the legitimate constitution that had originally granted power to the whole of the Egyptian people, not just to a self-centered religious hegemony.

Imagine if a democratically elected US president rewrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and then this power hungry president were overthrown and European media sympathetic to this deposed leader falsely reported that he was the first democratically elected leader in America, had been ousted in a coup d’état, and the Constitution – the one he had rewritten to strip you of your rights, but the media deceptively failed to mention this – had been suspended.

Would the Europeans not be incensed to learn this contrived ‘news,’ even though it was a lie?

That is the fraud that is being perpetrated on the people of Egypt.

They have a moral right to be just as incensed at our press as they are at their ousted would-be dictator.


Don Hank is a guest blogger to The Bold Pursuit.

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