Black Old School vs New Fools

by Cap Black

It never fails folks, when I’m on mainstream media sharing my conservative anti-crime/pro-personal responsibility method, I get rave reviews from fellow “old school” brothers, despite their being Democrats!

I think of my late mentor, a strong supporter of this administration whose character, as a retired police officer and godly man, placed him to the right of Attila The Hun when it came to ethics.

You heard me right, folks. I have Black Democrats supporting my nakedly conservative message because – guess what – it’s their message,too, as advocates of the Black old school approach.

“Old School” is my Black English (not Ebonics! lol) term for values otherwise known as conservative in the broader political context.

Traditional marriage, the 2nd Amendment and fighting crime via shame, protests, street patrol, etc., are central features of old school Black male thought.

The fact that most old school brothers support Obama and a platform decidedly to the far left of their core principles remains one of America’s great political paradoxes.

My old school coalition represents the only hope the inner city has for preserving traditional values and displacing urban death culture – period!

I’d rather organize with good Americans who believe as I do on civilizational necessities as opposed to wasting time arguing about why they should vote Republican, though such a choice has significant merit in a two party system.

The Black old school is essentially non-partisan since comfortable Democrats and Republicans are loathe to leave cushy offices and suburban enclaves to brave the badlands where this coalition does cultural battle.

As the GOP uncomfortably fumbles toward darker sectors of the Republic (smh), this coalition and inclusive grassroots groups “across town” (i.e. where White folks live) represent ground up, not bottom down, vehicles to save traditional values.

The Black old school isn’t a separatist phenomena. If anything, its a strand of the common American fabric where shared principles live in often far removed zip codes and ethnicities.

Old school brothers don’t even blink when I’m introduced as the Hood Conservative because when I talk, I’m preaching to the choir. Our values are one in the same, regardless of party affiliation.

Now if I could get more of them to stop voting Democrat so much (lol).

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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