The Fourth of July

by Sandy Stringfellow

One perplexing and vexing frustration
For many patriots scattered far and wide
How quickly some are prone to forget
Our history on the Fourth of July

Not the holiday Fourth of last year
Nor the July Fourth previous to that
The Founders’ original Fourth of July
Based on well-studied historical fact

For true liberty, it was a birthday
One born from heart-felt resolution
When the Founders’ made it known
Their commitment to a new revolution

Not a revolution for benefit of tyranny
Nor a typical despotic seizure of power
It was for government by We the People
It was personal courage in it’s finest hour

That Fourth of July was unique in history
Though it wasn’t the start of our resistance
Congress declared us free on July the Second
Then gave us our Declaration of Independence

By approving the Declaration of Independence
Congress made known the profoundest truth
Our natural rights come not from woman or man
Natural rights emanate from God to me and you

As we now celebrate this year’s Fourth of July
Again read our Declaration of Independence
The inspired work of men with faith and genius
It is critically important to our very subsistence

At least if we seek to remain a free people
If we intend to cherish our God-given rights
The philosophical precepts of the Declaration
Are what the Founders found worthy of a fight

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

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