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The Technology Nightmare is Here

by Robert Arvay

The more complex a system is, the easier it is to destroy it. This is why one can cut a simple animal like a starfish in half, and both halves will live, while a mighty elephant can be killed with a single bullet.

Our nation is like the elephant. Advanced technology has made us into a superpower that is rightly feared by would-be enemies around the world. But that same technology has given us weaknesses which are potentially fatal. If it is an exaggeration to say that America can be destroyed by a single computer hacker, it won’t be an exaggeration for very long. The technological nightmare is upon us. This is not theory, it is fact, and the hackers have already fired the warning shot.

The weakness which makes us vulnerable is computer technology, the very technology that has multiplied our productivity, and made possible a thriving economy and myriads of modern conveniences too numerous to mention. Computers coordinate our travel, our airlines, railways and highways, as well as seafaring cargo ships. They make possible medical diagnosis and treatments that save untold lives. They protect our nuclear reactors, and even aim our nuclear weapons. And this is only scratching the surface. We have become utterly dependent on silicon processors and the people who program them.

The dark side is ominous. The computers that control safety features in automobiles can be hacked, that is to say, taken over, controlled by computer experts who may operate outside the law, and anonymously, and not for the benefit of the drivers and passengers, but quite the opposite. As more and more automobiles become more and more computerized, it is becoming increasingly possible that malicious hackers could cause tens of thousands of vehicles to suddenly accelerate to a hundred miles per hour, while disabling the brakes and steering. Thousands of collisions would instantly result. Massive numbers of people would be killed, maimed and/or injured in the space of a few seconds, while the nation’s entire highway system would become a gridlocked “highway of death” reminiscent of the First Gulf War.

This sounds like the premise for some fantasy James Bond spy novel, in which an evil genius aims nuclear death rays at all the capitals of the world, demanding trillions of dollars in ransom, and then decides to launch the death beam anyway—but this is not fiction. The potential is real.

The worst of it is that, no matter how carefully the automotive computers are designed, no matter how many safeguards are put in place, the hackers need succeed but once to achieve their catastrophic goal.

An example is the success with which the Stuxnet virus destroyed the Iranian centrifuges in that terrorist nation’s nuclear weapons factory. A single thumb drive, infected with the virus, was all it took to wreak havoc on the weapons plant. While this was only a serious setback for the Iranian terrorist regime, it signaled the potential to cause much more damage than to destroy equipment. One must assume that plans exist to attack the reactors themselves, perhaps unleashing vast amounts of radioactive contamination into the surrounding region.

If this can be done to the Iranians, one can be certain that America’s enemies are designing attacks on American infrastructure that will make Stuxnet seem child’s play by comparison.

Modern aircraft are becoming almost impossible to fly without some assistance from computers. This is especially true of high performance military jets, in which the onboard computers monitor at least a dozen critical aircraft functions at once, making tens of adjustments (or more) per second, continuously. No human pilot could keep up that pace.

While the nightmare scenario would be for enemy forces to take control of our airlines and jet fighters, a much more modest goal could be almost as destructive: the disabling of thousands of aircraft in flight, with one push of one button.

Finally, all of this could be accomplished by inserting numerous viruses, undetected, as “sleeper cells,” inside the computers that monitor and coordinate our air traffic, banking, power grids and other systems essential to our national survival. The “sleeper cells” could be activated at the precise moment that an enemy nation, or terrorist force, found most advantageous.

As with nuclear weapons technology, the only defense is the credible threat of retaliation. But how does one threaten retaliation against a fanatical enemy willing to destroy himself to gain access to seventy virgins?

How does the elephant destroy a starfish?

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

The Difference One Good Cop Can Make …

by Cap Black


From him I learned firsthand the double jeopardy inherent to being a Black police officer, which he was for the city of New Orleans.

God orders our steps, as you will soon see. I arrived in New Orleans with the idea of police/Black community unity burning in my heart as an unexplored option for culture change regarding inner city crime.

This godly man who became my mentor told me how officers would routinely pick up young Black men during his Jim Crow youth. The beatings and interrogations he endured reminded me of tales from an East European gulag.  

Please note this didn’t leave him a cop=hater nor a criminal. His character remained unbowed despite the low opinion society held.

After becoming a New Orleans police officer, he told me how he would be viewed suspiciously by old chums. They began seeing him as a hated “other,” despite his well known, genuine concern for the community.

I’m sure the lion’s share of their suspicion came because my late mentor did not tolerate wrong doing in any form or fashion.

He obeyed mans’ law and Gods’ law and demanded the same of others around him.

As such, an anti-crime activist with a police/Black community unity interest like myself had found a vital piece in this difficult puzzle.

In the 21st century, we simply cannot continue playing out tired roles from the past. While bias exists, we’re no longer the slaves and slave catchers of old.

A Black community which ostracizes its police officers ironically aids not only Black criminals but also racists using our murder rate as a bargaining chip. 

Racism in blue exists but do we use it as an excuse not to demand partnerships with those who can send our killers away for well-deserved punishment?

My mentor and I formed the nucleus of this unique outreach where we offered a no excuses alternative to standard activist blaming others for all our ills.

He’d call me during night time street outreach if a new murder occurred and urge me to go home. He lost two sons to homicide and I guess he didn’t want me added to the list.

Insight into police procedure and culture was routinely offered in eye opening discussions. He too wanted police and the Black community to form a united front against the violence both face.

I met many officers he’d served with and those relationships continue to this day as I ready this idea to take to New Orleans violent streets.

His enduring example provides new emphasis for my group founded last year, Brothers Against Crime, a fellowship of men (and female allies) who promote not blaming others for Black On Black crime.

My mentor died as much on patrol in retirement as he ever was while, “on the job,” as he called it.

It’s amazing the difference one good cop can make.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Anti-Crime Activist/Organizer/Brothers Against Crime


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit



Why Capitalism?

by Alex Burwasser 

Leftists have made a cottage industry out of making the term “capitalism” (a term invented by Karl Marx) a pejorative, even to the point where some wobbly conservatives have become afraid to stand on their principles and affirm their preference for capitalism. The purpose of this short essay is to put this matter into perspective and encourage conservatives to find their backbone on this important issue and stop letting leftists define the conversation. 

Capitalism is easy to dislike, especially by those who don’t understanding it and even more so by those who don’t understand its alternatives. So let’s begin the conversation by introducing capitalism’s more descriptive synonym, free enterprise, which more accurately conveys the fundamental definition of capitalism as an economic system based on the free and voluntary exchange of goods and services. This more descriptive definition accurately illuminates the reality that capitalism is fundamentally an economic liberty. 

Leftists demonize capitalism as a predatory system whereby greedy wealthy people (i.e., the hard-working entrepreneurs who take risks, create jobs, and pay taxes) exploit people of lesser means. While this simplistic jingoism may be a catchy campaign slogan and talking point for shrill leftist politicians and commentators, it’s just sophistry with no intellectual heft. The reality is that capitalism is amoral. The leftist argument that capitalism is immoral due to its excesses is like claiming that food is similarly immoral because some people overeat. 

No economic system is perfect. Winston Churchill elegantly made this point with the following statement: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” To reword this sentiment with a harder edge, he recognized that socialism is wealth destruction disguised as wealth redistribution. As Margaret Thatcher stated even more forcefully, “under socialism the many are made poorer so that the few are prevented from becoming richer.” 

It’s true that capitalism results in unequal wealth distribution. Even so, the intellectually honest among us understand that some people are more talented than others, or work harder, or take more risks, or take better advantage of their educational and other opportunities. Even a socialist would find it hard to claim with a straight face that a meter maid and a brain surgeon should earn the same, and even Nancy Pelosi would be very reluctant to go to a brain surgeon who is paid a meter maid’s wage… 

A more intellectually honest criticism of capitalism is that there is a tendency for some with greater concentrations of wealth to rig the system to their benefit at the expense of people of lesser means. This unfortunately is the case, but it is not an inherent flaw of capitalism. Rather, it is a result of corruption and non-transparency in the political process whereby unscrupulous people with large financial resources bribe corrupt politicians to pass special interest laws. The real culprit then is not some inherent flaw in capitalism, but a breakdown in transparency and the rule of law (i.e., corruption and lawlessness). As is the case for all freedoms, capitalism (i.e., an economic freedom) must be constrained by rule of law. This is really no different than recognizing that our right to drive a car is constrained by traffic signals and speed limits. 

It is ironic that leftists favor socialism as an economic system that eliminates the “greed” of capitalism. The fact is that those who push socialism on us are mostly people who are greedy for the immense power (and the resulting wealth) that the socialist elite gain over the subordinate citizenry. Likewise, those citizens who accept socialism are greedy (as well as selfish) in that they naively believe socialism gives them “free” benefits (which is really to say that it allows them to live off the means of others). In other words, socialism appeals to the most contemptible instincts – greed, selfishness, and lust for power. 

The fact is that entrepreneurship (the workhorse of capitalism) has lifted far more people out of poverty than any government program or charity. In this respect, capitalism has the clear moral advantage over socialism on any objective results-based morality scale. 

An argument often made by leftists is that socialism has the moral advantage in that the welfare state better takes care of the destitute. Although this argument has a certain smell of truth, the reality is that socialism inevitably creates a large and growing dependency class of able-bodied people who would rather collect food stamps, Obama-phones, and welfare than earn pay checks. “Compassion” that is not balanced by individual responsibility is actually modern day serfdom, and creating an inter-generational welfare clientele to buy votes is the height of immorality. In this respect, socialism not only destroys wealth, but it also destroys the work ethic, national cohesiveness, people, and ultimately entire societies. 

Americans have traditional helped the truly poor by means of private charities and a public safety net. Unfortunately, this safety net has devolved, first into a safety hammock and now into a safety featherbed. A proper public safety net is not an entitlement – it is a gift that should be frugal, means-tested, and limited to American citizens only. People who truly need it should use it and then move on to productive work. Those able-bodied people who truly cannot find employment should be required to do public service both to earn their benefits and encourage them to find paying jobs. Being on welfare (i.e., living off the means of others) should never have been elevated to the status of an acceptable “alternative life style.” 

Socialism is an economic Ponzi scheme. Gullible voters get conned into voting for glib politicians who convince them that they can have “free” benefits. Selfishly, these voters never think much about the hard reality that wealth is produced only in the private sector and whatever government gives them must first be taken from someone else. They brush aside the unconscionable reality that this “someone else” ultimately has to be their fellow citizens and future generations. They rationalize this by allowing themselves to be convinced by these same glib politicians that this largess can be confiscated from “the rich” (i.e., hard-working people who create wealth and jobs) by punitive taxation. Further, they pretend not to understand the hard reality that punitive taxation on the wealth producers can only result in less wealth produced (i.e., that wealth redistribution can lead only to wealth destruction). 

The sad reality is that socialism is degenerative and always self-destructs. Because socialism embraces wealth destruction and creates too many incentives for people to become net tax eaters (free-riders) rather than net tax payers, there is never enough tax revenue to fund the welfare state. Worse, these incentives and the resulting wealth destruction require that the welfare state must continually expand to absorb the ever increasing number of people falling into poverty as a result. This in turn creates a downward spiral of yet more wealth destruction and more welfare state expansion. To keep the welfare state alive and to stay in power, the government must resort to money-printing (inflation), interest rate haircuts, and ultimately de facto confiscation of citizens’ savings and retirement accounts. The hard reality of over-taxation is that the state cannot over-tax the rich without also pillaging the middle-class and especially the poor (although the statists are clever at disguising such inconvenient truths). 

Even worse are the human costs of socialism. In addition to eroding the work ethic, socialism also destroys personal responsibility, charitable giving, national cohesiveness, national values, and ultimately entire nations. It has always amazed me that while those who push socialism on us are mostly educated and intelligent people, they seem to be completely unburdened by any understanding of history, economics, and human nature. 

Socialism has failed badly everywhere it has been tried, in many cases with staggering losses of life. (The number of Chinese and Russian citizens murdered under Mao and Stalin exceeds the combined losses of all wars fought throughout history.) This debate should have ended in 1991 with the worldwide collapse of communism, but here we are once again on the verge of ignoring history with the result that we will pay a very high price for this foolishness. 

Black Folks Should Demand Federal Prosecution of Thugs & Gangs, Not Just George Zimmerman

by Cap Black

While I was one of the quiet chorus of conservative voices who thought George Zimmerman wrong for exiting his vehicle on that historic night, I totally disagree with the Left’s handling of his acquittal’s aftermath.
Black folks asking the Obama Justice Department to file civil rights violation charges against Zimmerman (usually reserved for brutal police officers) rings hollow compared to the deafening silence they have regarding demanding the feds more aggressively target drug dealers and gangs terrorizing the inner city.
Ooops, I forgot, this administration’s idea of fighting inner city drug crime is reducing mandatory minimums for crack dealers??? 
I attend majority Black liberal community meetings all the time and witness how ex-cons and enablers of Black criminals wrap stakeholders around their fingers.
We’ve become excuse makers for the very people killing us –
more than anyone else!
My online petition to the NAACP, Crime Isn’t A Civil Right: Oppose Black-On-Black Homicide, addresses this surreal Stockholm Syndrome head on.
The association leads the pack of excuse makers shedding crocodile tears over mass incarceration, sentencing disparities of crack verses powder cocaine, stop and frisk in high homicide inner cities, etc.
Exalting the worst among us as if their choices aren’t to blame dooms us to even worse excesses in the near future.
Were George Zimmerman another Black man it’s doubtful the story would have been repeated the following week. Blaming White people for Black homicide may be a liberal article of faith but it’s a false one.
Until we face down murderers in our midst, we continue being a joke of a community who love their killers more than innocent victims – infants included.
That’s why the motto of my anti-crime group, Brothers Against Crime, says it all:
“Don’t Blame The White Man-Make A Stand!” 
Cap Black The Hood Conservative
Anti Crime Activist
Brothers Against Crime


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Where is the “Greatest Generation” Today?

The “Greatest Generation” of Americans, according to Tom Brokaw, was the one which grew up in

the Great Depression, fought and won World War 2, and then (neither boasting nor whining) returned home to make America the leader of the free world.

That nation was led by, and this is no easy thing for me to say, one of its greatest presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

It’s not easy to say, because as a proponent of free markets, I am convinced that the Roosevelt administration made the depression even worse, and longer, than it need have been, but this is not about that. This is about greatness.

The key words to focus on, here, are loyalty, character, and if I may, maturity.

The Roosevelt administration was populated by statesmen, by people whose character, while imperfect, was exemplary. They projected a sense of dignity, decency and honor that even their political opponents recognized and respected. That image impressed itself on the American people. It gave them confidence that their leadership was competent and effective, even amid policy disagreements. Roosevelt set a standard that ordinary Americans did their best to live up to.

The contrast with the present administration of the same political party is crushingly disappointing.

Roosevelt would never have been accused of taking lavish vacations at taxpayer expense, of buying a house at below market price due to a deal with a convicted real estate swindler. He would never have collaborated with someone who had bombed government buildings. He would never have remained in a church where the preacher said, from the pulpit, “Not God bless America, but God damn America.”

In 1941, these, and a long list of outrages attached to Obama, would have landed Roosevelt quickly onto the sidewalk outside the White House, into forced retirement and public opprobrium.

Likewise, the administration officials under Roosevelt were men of selfless dedication, competence and decorum. Even as the war raged, these men planned and executed not only victory, but the post war reconstruction of Europe, the democratization of Japan, and a plan designed to ensure peace through strength. Roosevelt himself, knowing that his disease would soon kill him, labored from his wheelchair to guide the nation through the most complicated geopolitical problems the world had ever faced. One of these problems was the very delicate situation with regards to the alliance with the USSR, a most treacherous (but necessary) ally.

Compare that with Obama’s inability to maintain civil relations even with Britain.

Under Roosevelt, the assassination of an American ambassador, such as in Benghazi, would not have happened at all. But had something of that nature occurred, the military response would have been swift and decisive. We would never have had to question where Roosevelt was while besieged Americans desperately pleaded for help. He would have been squarely in command. The Secretary of State would never have been allowed to escape responsibility with the words what difference does it make? She would have been publicly scorned and driven into obscurity.

By contrast with Roosevelt, the Obama administration is inept, corrupt, and shockingly opposed to the traditions of our nation’s founding documents.

While it is difficult for me to admit that Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents, I would welcome a man with one tenth his virtues to replace the atrocity that now befouls the Oval Office. We survived World War 2 and fended off Hitler and Hirohito, only to find that we have elected an evil, would-be dictator inside our own government.

Would that the present day American were one tenth as wise as the Greatest Generation.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

An open letter to our miserable excuse of a President…Oh-bama.

(The following is an open letter posted on Facebook by Rich Fleetwood. In keeping with our site standards, certain words were modified in order to maintain the author’s intent and indignation ~ Clio, Publisher)

ObamaCare has reached a brand new level of f***ing personal interrogation. I just got a letter today from the State of Wyoming Employee’s Group Insurance “Department of Administration and Information Human Resources Division.”

You, Mr. “President,” are going too far now with your delightfully sinister plans to kill off American Citizens in any way possible.

I have to PROVE TO THEM that my marriage of 32 years to my spouse is VALID…or they will cancel coverage of her as my dependent. Gee…does it have anything to do with her being “disabled”? Is it because of her need for the “expensive” insulin our insurance carrier Rx fulfillment department denied filling last year, where I had to go ballistic with their customer service, after she had to go WITHOUT for several days?

Does the words “diabetic shock,” a precursor to DEATH, ring a bell for you? YOU and your piss poor excuse for “change” put my poor wife in a position that could have resulted in those events happening, had I not gone medieval on their buttocks when they tried to save a few pitiful pennies on medication costs and refused to approve the pharmacy prescription refill.

Are you ALREADY starting those “death panels” that everyone says is hidden in your bull***t 1200 page ObamaCare legislation? Are you trying to start killing people EARLIER now by canceling insurance I pay $500 a month for, for the coverage of EVERYTHING that the state offers their employees? I pay extra, to get every level of coverage offered, because my wife and kids and I went WITHOUT insurance coverage for EIGHT years, before starting my state job, and you want MORE….for LESS?

I mean, this letter is THREATENING ME with cancellation of my wife’s coverage if I don’t JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to verify a LEGITIMATE MARRIAGE to SOME FACELESS ADMINISTRATOR who really doesn’t give a $**t…and only has to start weeding out as many people as possible in the state roster of employees to put MORE MONEY in the pockets of charlatans, politicians, and YOU…you miserable excuse for a president!!

I mean… WTF… ????

I am very angry right now about this, if it’s not quite obvious to you by my use of French above. In ALL my years of working since our marriage, I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had to PROVE my marriage to a SINGLE employer.

Why NOW? WHY AT ALL? I’ve got 32 years of IRS documents that prove that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT accepts at face value our marriage, because every tax return has been signed and sent in as MARRIED, FILING JOINTLY.

Obama, you commie b****rd. Get the HELL out of my personal life. The foul stench of your socialist regime taking every God given right away from we FREE AMERICANS, stealing our money, supporting your terrorist friends, and using your henchmen in the IRS and every other federal agency you’ve hijacked as your personal Gestapo and Good Squad is GOING to come to an end…the sooner the better.

I hope you do go to prison for treason…my sincerest dream for the likes of you and every stinking one of your precious, UNELECTED, czars and czaristas. The fact that YOU have increased YOUR net worth by $15 million in five years, while I haven’t had a raise in that same amount of time (and most state employees haven’t either in this state), REALLY galls me to no end.

Leave my family alone. NOW…or I’ll REALLY have to rant about your ineptitude and lack of ANY good ethics or qualities.

You, sir, are a canker sore on the lips of every free born citizen of this great nation. You’ve destroyed SO MANY good things about this country, while PERSONALLY enriching yourself and ALL of your Chicago cronies. You’ve taken a nation that was the land of the free, and the home of the brave, and made it into the land of the poor, and the home of the naive.

You’re gutting our military, taking away our constitution, enforcing criminal statutes on the innocent, and literally KILLING people the world over, and soon here, with your sick and twisted ideas of the use of drones both internationally AND domestically. For the love of God (which, sir, I know YOU have none), please just go away. Go back home to Kenya, or Indonesia, or even Mother Russia (but I doubt they’d take you back now, after you pissed off Putin)…anywhere…anywhere but here…in OUR great land.

Threaten my wife again, like you did today, and I’ll have to get REALLY nasty, and contact the bane of YOUR existence … the CONSERVATIVE media. You really don’t want me to do that now…really. I do have quite a bit of experience in the basics of citizen journalism…including a couple of college degrees in that area.

Rich Fleetwood is the Founder/Author of