Dear Jeb: An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

by Jim Davis

While in church tonight, the Pastor preached on pride. It made me evaluate why I do what I do politically. I couldn’t find any place in my heart where my motivation was to aggrandize myself. My two motivators have been a desire to protect my nation from those trying to destroy it, and my desire to protect the average man, woman, and family from being ravaged by politicians who could change parties and feel at home in either one. In their minds, it’s all about the process, and not about the nation or even sound principles. I’m simply tired of watching politicians do what they darn well please at the expense of real people who are constantly hurt by their ignorance or narcissism.

When you try to by-pass the will of the people of Florida, then call them adolescent names (sans “chirpers”) it causes you to posture as an enemy of representative government instead of a proponent.

Polling shows that the people of this nation understand that the government doesn’t listen to them- and they are unhappy about that reality. When you insult those who have as much at stake as any other American for disagreeing with you it says to them (us) that you don’t want to be confused by the American people: you want what you want.

How would one vote for that in an election? Because you’d be the lesser of two evils? You tried that in 2012 and it didn’t work. Remember the definition of insanity sir. Understand: I WANT to like your idea to run, I WANT to endorse and support you: but not at the expense of just one more politician expecting me to genuflect to his will especially when I help him become the success that has his head so big.

Is there no acknowledgement that the American people are citizens and not subjects? I implore you to rethink your position, and in the least apologize for posturing as a narcissist: We already have one of those in the White House we truly don’t need another.

Jim Davis is a political pundit from Jacksonville Florida. He has been identified as “Mr. Grassroots” by political leaders in Northeast Florida for his neighborhood work. He meets with, and listens to the ideas and perspectives of the citizens of Jacksonville – often confounding the politicians.

Reprinted with Permission.

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