Dear Jeb: An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

by Jim Davis

While in church tonight, the Pastor preached on pride. It made me evaluate why I do what I do politically. I couldn’t find any place in my heart where my motivation was to aggrandize myself. My two motivators have been a desire to protect my nation from those trying to destroy it, and my desire to protect the average man, woman, and family from being ravaged by politicians who could change parties and feel at home in either one. In their minds, it’s all about the process, and not about the nation or even sound principles. I’m simply tired of watching politicians do what they darn well please at the expense of real people who are constantly hurt by their ignorance or narcissism.

When you try to by-pass the will of the people of Florida, then call them adolescent names (sans “chirpers”) it causes you to posture as an enemy of representative government instead of a proponent.

Polling shows that the people of this nation understand that the government doesn’t listen to them- and they are unhappy about that reality. When you insult those who have as much at stake as any other American for disagreeing with you it says to them (us) that you don’t want to be confused by the American people: you want what you want.

How would one vote for that in an election? Because you’d be the lesser of two evils? You tried that in 2012 and it didn’t work. Remember the definition of insanity sir. Understand: I WANT to like your idea to run, I WANT to endorse and support you: but not at the expense of just one more politician expecting me to genuflect to his will especially when I help him become the success that has his head so big.

Is there no acknowledgement that the American people are citizens and not subjects? I implore you to rethink your position, and in the least apologize for posturing as a narcissist: We already have one of those in the White House we truly don’t need another.

Jim Davis is a political pundit from Jacksonville Florida. He has been identified as “Mr. Grassroots” by political leaders in Northeast Florida for his neighborhood work. He meets with, and listens to the ideas and perspectives of the citizens of Jacksonville – often confounding the politicians.

Reprinted with Permission.

“Sample” IRS Inquiry to Conservatives…

(Disclaimer: while the following may appear to be a ‘real’ IRS form, the author is Robert Arvay, not the IRS… The Bold Pursuit had no part in creating this form and really doesn’t know Mr Arvay very well at all.)

1. Do you agree or disagree with the following?
Mmm mmm mmm, Barak Hussein Obama!

2. Which of the following are you?
(Select only one.)

a) a decent, good American.
b) a conservative.

3. Select one of the following statements to reflect your beliefs.
(You MUST select one, and only one:)

a) I believe that government should be bigger and have more money.
b) I am an evil, greedy, racist capitalist pig.

4. What are your views on Islamic terrorism?

a) Islamic terrorists should be opposed.
b) There is no such thing as Islamic terrorists, but only the poor, innocent people, oppressed by Israel.

5. Are you pro-life?

a) Yes, I oppress women.
b) I believe in a woman’s right to abortion, and Kermit Gosnell is my hero.

6. Enclose a photo of your house, along with a detailed blueprint of it, including where you store your weapons.

7. Sign the enclosed form, surrendering all your rights under the US Constitution.

8. Sign the enclosed blank confession. We’ll fill in the details later.

9. Enclose nude photographs of yourself, all your family members, and your pastor.

10. After you have complied with all of these requirements, your request for tax exempt status will be expedited, and you should receive our decision within six years, give or take 50.

11. You idiot. Did you REALLY think we would treat you fairly? HA!

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad

Lil Wayne Tramples the American Flag Like He Does the Hood

by Cap Black ~ Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit 

Lil Wayne, the reigning Hip Slop (no typo) “star” whose lyrics rankle the reasonable from coast to coast, has hit a new low: trampling the American flag while filming a music video. 

Pepsi, to their credit (as I type this blog-post), dropped him as an endorser. 

Lil Wayne was performing his rap song, “God Bless Amerika” when he did this and it raises interesting questions. 

Why do rich liberals always attack the very country which allowed them to become rich in the first place? Someone from Lil Wayne’s humble beginnings would be fully justified in kissing the flag every time he sees it. 

Alas, that’s not the case. 

One tenet of what I call being a Black zombie is excessive hatred of America and its symbols. This blind rage is also manifested in vulgarity and murder on the streets and vulgarity and murder inside record company suites. 

Lil Wayne, the multi-millionaire, nonetheless feels America is irredeemably evil and has kept American Blacks down. Predictably, his song referenced slavery and slavery has become Black zombie shorthand for “It’s your fault my life is screwed up, White folks – not mine!” 

I’ll be taping an interview on a local TV talk show this week about what I call the “Urban Apocalypse, ” an orgy of self-inflicted cultural chaos led by demonic drum majors like Lil Wayne and others defining deviancy down at warp speed. 

I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention Lil Wayne’s latest assault upon America in my upcoming interview. 

Disrespecting the late Emmett Till in a previous song wasn’t enough. The fact that Lil Wayne’s legions of worshipping Black zombies said nothing speaks volumes about their appalling lack of self-respect. 

Civil libertarians and liberal anti-racism activists will say trampling a flag is free speech. Some will opine it’s simply a piece of cloth – an inanimate object deserving no special reverence. 

This flag was bought and paid for by Americans of every color and background – Black ones included. 

One is free to question the status quo. One is free not to stand or even place ones hand over ones heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Guess what’s the symbol of such freedom? 

The Flag. 

Lil Wayne trampled the American flag with the same disrespect he applies to the Hood. Perhaps finally he’s gone too far and his destructive example will fade from the limelight? 

… And you wonder why I call today’s Hip Hop, Hip Slop

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

To Protect Our Constitutional Rights, We Must Surrender Them

by Robert Arvay

What a tangled world wide web we’ve weaved…

There has recently been a lot of controversy about the government program called PRISM, which uniquely among the myriads of names of government programs and agencies, seems not to be an acronym, but simply the name of a government surveillance project based on its reliance on optic fibers. 

The controversy is this: How far should the government (be allowed to) go to prevent terrorist attacks on the United States? Stated another way, it is, how much of our rights should we surrender in order to protect our lives? And stated yet another way, how much of our privacy should we surrender in order to protect our privacy?

Near the end of his presidency, George W Bush proclaimed that in order to protect the free market, we must violate freemarket principles. To that presidential oxymoron, Barak Obama has now added one of his own: to protect our Constitutional rights, we must surrender them.

Let’s be fair. The National Security Agency, and its related agencies, are between “Iraq” and a hard place. If an attack occurs, we criticize them for not doing enough surveillance to prevent the attack. But at the same time, we criticize them for doing too much. What’s a poor spy to do?

My reply to that conundrum is simply this name: Lois Lerner. I could add other names, the names of those ithe Internal Revenue Service who exercised government power to abuse our rights for their own gain, both personal and political. What if former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman had been in charge of PRISM? Would he have been planting listening devices in Easter eggs?

The point is that, as citizens, (borrowing from Newt Gingrich’s phrase), we “lend” power to the federal government. We do not give them power. Ideally, we continually conduct our own surveillance on those in power, making sure that they exercise those powers according to the Constitution. Ideally, the moment they abuse those powers, we revoke them, and replace the abusive officials with more competent, more trustworthy people.

Unfortunately, the ideal is too rarely realized in a timely fashion. Abuses go on for years before they are discovered, and even more years pass before remedial action is taken. Sadly, those remedies are usually too little, too late. The old guard retires, and passes the torch of corruption to a new batch of venal, mercenary opportunists promising the moon to a gullible, miseducated public.

Thus we find ourselves in the age-old dilemma that has plagued the peasantry for millennia. We must continually hope that the next king will be a good one, that the next tyrant will be merciful, and that the monarch’s tax collector will leave us with enough food to survive the winter, while the king feasts on sumptuous banquets, intentionally oblivious to our hunger.

A revolutionary idea was supposed to have solved this dilemma. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, no longer dependent on whether the king is a good one. We are supposed to govern ourselves, never to be ruled from on high. Don’t laugh, I’m serious.

Apparently, thus far, the NSA is comprised of good men and women, dedicated public servants who are devoted to protecting us from terrorists, and who expect little in return from us beyond their meager salaries. Maybe that’s true.

Would that this were the case in the IRS.

But therein lies the dilemma. Ten years from now, we may have finally fired all the bureaucrats in the IRS and replaced them with honest public servants. But in that same ten years, a new influx of spies will be manning the computers at the NSA. And we will have no means of conducting surveillance on those who conduct surveillance on us. We will just have to trust them.

Yes, we are soberly assured that the NSA is not “listening in on the content” of our conversations. Many a Brooklyn Bridge has been sold to people who are willing to believe that. The technology is there. For a few dollars at Radio Shack, any basement-dwelling nerd can set up surveillance from his mother’s house, and tap your phone.

Do we honestly think that no one at the NSA, with vastly more technology at their disposal than Radio Shack, is listening in to any phone conversation he desires to hear?

The lame excuse is that there are billions of phone conversations going on at any given time, and that it is impossible to listen in on them all. Of course that is true. But technology makes it unnecessary to do so. Computers can “listen in” on the “mega-call,” survey the vast electronic ocean of signals, and selectively pick out items of interest to zero in on. An excellent example of this is the manner in which the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, was found and killed through electronic surveillance.

Escobar managed to avoid detection by never speaking over a telephone. But one day, just for fifteen seconds, he made the fatal mistake of saying a few words on the telephone. During those fifteen seconds, while millions of other people were also on the phone, computers detectedand flagged Escobar’s “voice print.” And within minutes, a detachment of police had found and killed him.

All this happened in 1993, nearly twenty years ago. If the government could do that with twenty-year-old technology, what could they do now?

Our second president, John Adams, hit the nail squarely on the head when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

If we, the American people, lose our rights, it will not be because some tyrant forcibly took those rights from us. It will be because we will have failed to live up to our end of the bargain. We are not losing our rights; we are squandering them. For, the worst abuse of the Constitution is the willful failure to defend it.