Propaganda Primer … A blog from 2009

by Clio

The media giants have awakened – for now. I suspect that, after their indignation over the AP data grab has cooled or somehow assuaged by the-powers-that-be, the multiple scandals that are finally getting ink and airtime will be swept aside as old and irrelevant news. Of course, the MSM will find a sensational trial, a titillating sex scandal and/or (if they’re really lucky – and I am referring to the MSM and Obama regime) a horrific natural disaster for diversion or re-direction of the national appetite for media-approved ‘news.’

Three and a half years ago, I wrote several blogs on the topic of ‘Obama Propaganda.’ Below is a link to
“The Hitler/Goebbels Legacy; Mr. Obama and his Thesaurus… Propaganda, Part II” – I think the message is still applies:

Armed Forces Day

George W. Bush, 41st President of the United States… How many people know that, even post-presidency, he hosts Wounded Warrior 10 weekends at his Midland ranch every year?
While he wasn’t know for his skill on the dance floor, in this photo President Bush leads a “Wounded Warrior” who lost a leg, but still dances.
Will we ever see this touching story on NBC, CBS, ABC or published in The New York Times, The Washington Post. Nope. You might see Michelle, Barry and the girls go on vacation 14 weekends a year, but I doubt if anyone will ever witness a scene like the one above.
Our former President’s commitment to our Troops, Veterans and their families is well-known (but much is unpublicized) and he and former First Lady Laura Bush maintain their support of our servicemen and women.
This is how a REAL President looks and acts.
We salute President Bush for his devotion to our military, as well as those who serve in uniform.
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Amazon promotes conservative talk show tome, The Right Frequency


Recently, we introduced a new book, The Right Frequency, by Fred Lucas to The Bold Pursuit readers. We’re pleased to learn that the book is doing so well that Amazon created a special promotion for The Right Frequency.

From May 11 through May 27, Amazon is including The Right Frequency in their special deals section for $2.99 – this week the popular book ranked as the #1 bestseller for Amazon radio books.

The Right Frequency takes a close look at conservative talk show titans and the impact of conservative radio in politics.

L. Brent Bozell III, Media Research Center, has this to say about The Right Frequency: “Author Fred Lucas chronicles conservative talk-radio stars over the decades, reminding us how they kept the American idea alive.”

Click on this link, The Right Frequency, for the promotion link. 


About the Author:

Fred Lucas has more than a decade of political reporting experience, including White House correspondent for, writing for The Weekly Standard, Townhall, Human Events, The American Spectator and He’s also covered Capitol Hill and reported on presidential races in 2004, 2008 and 2012.


Will The ‘Collegiality Effect’ Bring Down Obama?

by Don Hank

Recently, CBS executive Jonathan Karl went on the Bill O’Reilly show and did something unprecedented. He sided with the conservative viewpoint that there was indeed lying and obfuscation in the highest echelons of the Obama administration in the Benghazi aftermath. He discussed frankly how the State Department talking points had been revised beyond recognition, from the initial admission (by the CIA) that the Benghazi attack was a well-planned terror attack to a fictitious narrative of a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Muslim video.

For years, the public has watched Obama lie and cheat and get a pass from the press corps. So there is skepticism about the extent to which leftwing media criticism of the White House will effect a substantive change.

Recently, one of my correspondents attributed the mood change in the media with regard to Obama to the fact that the truth is simply too big to contain. The old ‘the truth will out’ theory.

Yet in the past, the media had successfully stonewalled despite overwhelming evidence. For example, in the face of patently fake birth certificates or whopper lies about the economy and unemployment that affected the working people–the little people–they stonewalled the undeniable truth and would have kept denying until their dying day. They always had the choice to deny and their denial, if presented in a phalanx of consistent fiction, does overcome the truth in terms of fooling the little guy.

What we have going with ABC, however, is most likely something new, and I think it has to do with something professional know as collegiality–a strong sense of identity among professionals. Every profession is imbued with this phenomenon. I saw one of my profs, a brilliant and competent man, defend a colleague of his fiercely despite that professor’s glaring incompetence, simply out of a sense of fraternity–or in this case, collegiality.

Collegiality bonds professionals of the same profession but also of different ones. There is after all a general sense among professionals that people who have studied and trained for a career deserve to be honored and respected–as colleagues. After all, they have all studied in universities or colleges and think of themselves, and their colleagues, as intellectuals and worthy professionals.

Thus, when someone threatens a colleague, the profession circles the wagons, in a sense.

This is, I think, what is driving the unraveling of the Benghazi story and the lack of support for Obama. I see Jonathan Karl personally identifying with the three witnesses who testified. They are, after all, intellectuals, like Karl. One of them, Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom, testified that he had two Masters degrees and spoke fluent Arabic. Jonathan Karl can identify with these men. To him they are to be admired and, more to the point, protected. He saw the fear and apprehension in their eyes and heard it in their voices. He knows that one (Greg Hicks, Chris Stephens’ replacement) has already been demoted for telling the truth. That must be painful to CBS’s Karl, who realizes, perhaps now for the first time, that the same fate could befall him as well if something isn’t done.

When some people high in the hierarchy (journalism in Karl’s case) see another colleague in trouble, something prods them to do whatever they can to help that colleague. Thus, the Obama regime’s deceit isn’t someone else’s story any more.

And while ABC News has for years callously watched the little guy get trampled and done nothing to help, they do not see these three Benghazi witnesses as little guys. They see them as peers. Karl may have considerable influence on other networks as well. Already CBS anchor Scott Pelley made a speech at Quinnipiac University apologizing for shoddy reporting in his own network. Unprecedented. Did Jonathan Karl get to him?

In my theory, this ‘collegiality effect’ is game changing for the media. This is an indirect, unintended consequence of Obama’s – and Hillary’s – actions.

It is now clear to the MSM that beleaguered colleagues – fellow intellectuals and high ranking bureaucrats – were left to die, while others were threatened with demotion and dismissal, by a callous government. Never before had this callousness been so starkly manifested to them because the frequent trampling of the rights of common people by this regime was always invisible. They didn’t see, hear or care about you and me.

But after the Benghazi hearing, their eyes were finally opened. The danger was on their own doorstep.

Every tyrant is eventually brought low by the unintended consequences of his actions. Tyrants become bold and eventually, after getting a pass for years, think no one can ever stop them. But what one tyrant forgot was that trampling on millions of powerless little people is not the same as trampling on higher ranking members of the elite. Those people will bare their fangs and claws when one of their own is down. And the press is more powerful than the sword.

History Holds the Proof

by Sandy Stringfellow

One turn of phrase bandied about frequently today is “none of my business” — a common libertarian expression often employed by libertarians and liberals alike as a shotgun strategy to avoid a plethora of unpleasant or worse – extremely uncomfortable – social and moral issues upon the public table; issues begging responsible adult scrutiny.

I respectfully submit it is some of “their” business – and the business of everyone with a conscious – to personally evaluate human behavior past and present, since history has repeatedly proven its worth in holding the answers to critically important questions relating to our personal happiness as well as the future of our constitutional republic.

Philosophically and theologically, a world of difference exists between judging the “deed” as opposed to judging the “person” in matters of legal, moral, or ethical behavior. Judicial systems – in theory – hold criminals accountable for their crimes, but their judgment is based upon the rule of law as opposed to the spiritual fate of the criminal. Would faith-based historical scholars on human morality and spirituality not agree ultimately that only God may pronounce His final judgment on the intangible ethereal value and fate of our theoretical “person” in question?

Yet would it not be considered culturally self-defeating – even culturally suicidal – if we became afraid to look closely at societal behavior through a traditional lens by allowing social intimidation to silence us or cause acceptance of significant behavioral deviancy; to thus fail in personally judging individual deeds and place them into proper and meaningful moral contexts compared with all known teachings of morality throughout history based on experience?

For a Moral and Religious People

John Adams, a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our second President, once issued a warning to his countrymen during a speech to the officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts on October 11, in 1798:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Human actions throughout history have been the primary basis for comparative evaluation when measuring our own individual morality and the overall morality – or lack thereof – within any civil society. Ideals, values, and principles with which America has been meticulously stitched together in traditional manner are the very same threads straining to cinch the woven fabric of civil society as it simultaneously suffers unraveling by neglect born of distraction from a surreptitious behavioral conditioning; all but entrenched and pervasive within our Western social structure.

Without morality, civil society is incapable of lasting existence; acceptable moral standards – in our society, those of Judea-Christian origins – provide a framework for the rule of law, especially in a society built around unprecedented personal liberty. This is where conservatives and libertarians part company; while both may agree on free markets and limited government, conservatives are more than apprehensive about adopting the premise that personal liberty equals personal license: conservatives well know from history that impact of personal behavior must be measured against what serves the best interests of civil society overall.

Thus the refrain of conservative questions for libertarians: if government tacitly approves of prostitution because a county, state, or federal government writes a statute for the purposes of generating revenue through taxation, is this not another step along the slippery slope of cultural decay by promoting lack of both personal and civic morality?

How does government making it easier to “ply the trade” – while increasing temptation to do so – and thus facilitate the inevitable demand for these “services” through legalization help civil society overall if it’s known as historical fact a society requires morality to sustain itself? Is this not an inverse example of government over-reach, of corrupting public virtue by encouraging destructive behavior, whether that behavior is classified as amoral or immoral?

Can we not agree, based on provable history, one may not reasonably extract morality from the prostitution equation, and that such behavior may not reasonably be classified as moral; and who would disagree that personal morality is the cornerstone for building a civil society capable of withstanding relentless downward pull and the tests of time?

Our Western Civil Society Today

The overall condition of Western civil society today is largely the product of its’ having been under sustained attack from within by those seeking to collapse it entirely – by Progressive Marxists historically, and Islamo-fascists of late – through what’s become known as a “culture war” against the West; a long march through our institutions in order to re-program our perceptions of acceptable moral behavior; a realigning of personal values and priorities in our lives; a jettisoning of our traditional conservative ideals, values, and principles upon which our country has been Founded.

One of Sun Tzu’s admonitions from The Art of War applies more than ever: “All war is based on deception.”

It should be obvious by now we – as Americans – are fighting an internal conflict, and are being deceived on many levels: through institutional education, from government bureaucracies, administrators, and politicians, by the field of “science,” crony financial markets, and via politically duplicitous mainstream media reporters and publishers. Even our United States military and many of our churches – the bulwark of faith-based morality – have fallen prey to forms of “political correctness” promoted through such oxymoronic terminology as “social justice.”

One of the modern clichés – a true sign of our intellectually vacuous times – offered in misguided manner for serious consideration is “Follow your heart but take your brain.” We’d all be much better off individually and as a society if we concentrated on choosing the opposite tack:  “Follow your brain but take your heart.” History holds the proof.

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

Progressive Marxist Putz

by Sandy Stringfellow
Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

In my guts I know he’s nuts
A glib Progressive Marxist putz
What he wants is what he gets
Or you’ll see one of his sissy fits

Puppet masters pull his strings
Trying to bring us to our knees
King Barry’s so tickled to oblige
By spewing his hateful statist jive

People had better wake up fast
It’s time to kick some Marxist ass
King Barry knows what’s at stake
His own New World Order caliphate

Thankfully we have a fighter now
A lady who’d make Reagan proud
Experienced, smart, courageous too
Conservative thought straight and true

You can see them start a-shakin’
Anytime you speak of Sarah Palin
A natural leader they fear the most
Real conservatism means they’re toast

It’s not just liberals she makes glum
There’s RINO groups of crony chums
Maintaining their game of quid pro quo
While election results prove them dopes

Establishmentarians find us crass
Working stiffs beneath their own class
They seal the deal inside the D.C. beltway
For another crooked crony capitalist payday

Conservatives reject pampered tarts
As they steamroll every servant’s heart
They weren’t elected to be our masters
Yet bequeathed us unmitigated disasters

Now our backs are against the wall
Thanks to RINO sellouts one and all
King Barry animates them so beautifully
If what you’re looking for is more tyranny

These spineless bastards do not care
Breathing their high society atmosphere
They don’t contest what King Barry’s sayin’
Yet they maliciously spin lies about Sarah Palin

When they attack today with their slander
Americans resolve to stand fast around her
Voters now see RINOs with emperors clothes
And they’ll fight hard for America’s heart and soul

All Tea Party patriots with truest resolution
And each lover of freedom and our constitution
It’s time to make mid-terms ring King Barry’s bell
Let’s work like it matters to prove we’re mad as hell

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

The Conservative Way

by Sandy Stringfellow

My friends this ain’t no joke there’s heavy lifting to be done
Enemies attack us from all sides as they try to take our guns
By shredding our Constitution they view with caviler displeasure
Indifferent to historical content and the costs in blood and treasure

Don’t listen to the lies they spin for there is no truth or honor
Among these thieves and traitors that insult our founding fathers
Actions are the final arbiter determining true contents of character
House and Senate manage to always prove a collective moral disaster

Working in collusion with enemies trying to destroy our nation
Smarmy grins on their faces to conceal the treacherous relations
Compromise and consensus are the nouns they’ll speak with ease
While behind closed doors they’ll barter doing exactly as they please

Crony capitalism rules the day with politicians sold and bought
Feeding on favors and inside dirt like pigs lined up at the troughs
Selling out their country and countrymen with silver-tongued decay
Getting rich and getting ready for catastrophe they’ve brought our way

Lady Thatcher and Sir Winston, Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan
Showed us the road to victory if we’re serious about saving our nation
Not from lowly pandering but through political involvement and resolution
Conservatism is what we call the defense of our Declaration and Constitution

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.