The Left’s Hostile Dependency Syndrome

by Jim Davis

“Tea-bagger” “Neo-con” “Racist” “Bigot” “Hater”: all words used by the Left to avoid genuine discussions on the issues and challenges of today’s society. This tactic is reminiscent of this writers experience raising children- especially in his children’s “tween” years (you know, when girls are eleven and twelve years old- shudder). This is the age (for girls anyway) when her pre-teen friends and herself know more about life and the world than their experienced parents. These are the days when one only sees a smile on that angelic face when she’s in a conversation with other people; but never when addressing Mom or Dad. Because the adolescent can’t make an intelligent argument for his/her “wisdom, he/she instead denigrates to default accusations or insults. The paradigm is known as “Resentful Dependency” or “Hostile Dependency” and stems from too many emotions and not enough humility to admit when one has been proved incorrect on a given subject. The condition, (“I want what I want, facts notwithstanding”) in adults is rooted in narcissism and is literally a demand for validation: which explains why the left is so sensitive to being identified as “good people” in spite of their bad demands, expectations, or performance, and why narcissist deny and blame others for their own failures.

This also explains the development of the modern Progressive movement, which is actually a self-realized movement. “Marxist”; as in achieving the goals of the writings of Karl Marx. There are multiple applications and brand names for Marxism: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and even modern day applications such as “Cloward-Pivens”: all predicated on the narcissism and adolescent demands of “Hostile Dependency.”

This condition in today’s Democrat Party came from a generation of children who were over-coddled and over-compensated in their childhoods. The Great Depression created families who suffered the strains of economic degradation- Depression era children grew up to become the parents of the over-indulged kids of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The motives were honorable: to provide for the children what their parents did without because of the financial crisis. In common speak: “the kids were spoiled. Those kids became the “hippies” and “yippies” of that generation: and the leadership of today’s Democrat Party. Their narcissism, and therefore their adolescent behavior as adults has been passed on to a new generation. A generation that is so Hostile Dependent that acceptance of the Marxist movement within the Democrat Party is the next step in their condition. Because the Liberal Moment has failed to accomplish all that it promised, the new mantra of the left is “Pure Socialism has never been tried.” This is historically true, but ignores the fact that they themselves don’t represent the paradigm in its purity.

It’s this condition that drives the left; and the hostility is exemplified in their adolescent proclamations about the character of those with the audacity to disagree with them. This also explains the scandals in Washington. The vilification of Main Street America, the false accusations of hatred, bigotry and racism, the pretentious posture by the left even though their policies have failed time and again.

Ironically, the correct response to this “spoiled child syndrome” is to keep ones character, explain why their demands are unreasonable, treat the condition with sternness “be cruel to be kind” and encourage better behavior. This is the challenge of today’s’ political environment- even when being accused of hatred, bigotry, racism, and being called names in adolescent temper tantrums.

In short, Conservatives must continue to be the adults in the room.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.


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