The Iron is Hot. Will We Strike?

by Robert Arvay

“I don’t know nuthin about nuthin, and I ain’t sayin nuthin to nobody.” This sounds like it might be a line from a 1930s gangster movie. But, for all practical purposes, albeit in different words, it is the line spoken repeatedly, in Congressional hearings, by supposed “public servants” who serve no one but themselves.

More than one pundit has recently noted that the problem with government scandal is not Obama. It’s “the system.” And while normally, we conservatives do not like using vague terms to describe a specific problem, in this case, the pundits have a point.

“The system” is not a vague mystery. For, while there are certainly many good public servants, the system itself is a vast, labyrinthine tangle of entrenched bureaucrats who are rarely held accountable to the public they supposedly serve. When asked about what they are doing, the only replies are of the category, “I don’t know nuthin about nuthin, and I ain’t sayin nuthin to nobody.”

For millions of law abiding, tax-paying Americans, it is inconceivable that the system could possibly work this way.

Yes, we respect the Fifth Amendment, but that amendment was intended to prevent abuse by the government against citizens. It is an amendment intended to shield the public from government abuse, not to shield the government from its criminal acts of abuse against the public.

IRS bureaucrats are unionized. Union rules protect IRS bureaucrats from answering to us, their employers. Who was it that signed our names to this outrageous agreement? Yes, IRS workers should be protected, but we who pay their wages deserve equal protection from them, when they abuse us. What kind of “system” permits this?

Either we will change this system for the better, or else, it will eventually destroy us. And it will not change unless you, the citizen, change it.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

One thought on “The Iron is Hot. Will We Strike?

  1. How would Sarah describe what was needed? Sudden and relentless change?? Something along those lines. That's exactly what's needed. Good writing, Robert!

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