Propaganda Primer … A blog from 2009

by Clio

The media giants have awakened – for now. I suspect that, after their indignation over the AP data grab has cooled or somehow assuaged by the-powers-that-be, the multiple scandals that are finally getting ink and airtime will be swept aside as old and irrelevant news. Of course, the MSM will find a sensational trial, a titillating sex scandal and/or (if they’re really lucky – and I am referring to the MSM and Obama regime) a horrific natural disaster for diversion or re-direction of the national appetite for media-approved ‘news.’

Three and a half years ago, I wrote several blogs on the topic of ‘Obama Propaganda.’ Below is a link to
“The Hitler/Goebbels Legacy; Mr. Obama and his Thesaurus… Propaganda, Part II” – I think the message is still applies:

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