Armed Forces Day

George W. Bush, 41st President of the United States… How many people know that, even post-presidency, he hosts Wounded Warrior 10 weekends at his Midland ranch every year?
While he wasn’t know for his skill on the dance floor, in this photo President Bush leads a “Wounded Warrior” who lost a leg, but still dances.
Will we ever see this touching story on NBC, CBS, ABC or published in The New York Times, The Washington Post. Nope. You might see Michelle, Barry and the girls go on vacation 14 weekends a year, but I doubt if anyone will ever witness a scene like the one above.
Our former President’s commitment to our Troops, Veterans and their families is well-known (but much is unpublicized) and he and former First Lady Laura Bush maintain their support of our servicemen and women.
This is how a REAL President looks and acts.
We salute President Bush for his devotion to our military, as well as those who serve in uniform.
Courtesy of The E-Blast


and H/T to Ol’ Miller!



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