Progressive Marxist Putz

by Sandy Stringfellow
Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

In my guts I know he’s nuts
A glib Progressive Marxist putz
What he wants is what he gets
Or you’ll see one of his sissy fits

Puppet masters pull his strings
Trying to bring us to our knees
King Barry’s so tickled to oblige
By spewing his hateful statist jive

People had better wake up fast
It’s time to kick some Marxist ass
King Barry knows what’s at stake
His own New World Order caliphate

Thankfully we have a fighter now
A lady who’d make Reagan proud
Experienced, smart, courageous too
Conservative thought straight and true

You can see them start a-shakin’
Anytime you speak of Sarah Palin
A natural leader they fear the most
Real conservatism means they’re toast

It’s not just liberals she makes glum
There’s RINO groups of crony chums
Maintaining their game of quid pro quo
While election results prove them dopes

Establishmentarians find us crass
Working stiffs beneath their own class
They seal the deal inside the D.C. beltway
For another crooked crony capitalist payday

Conservatives reject pampered tarts
As they steamroll every servant’s heart
They weren’t elected to be our masters
Yet bequeathed us unmitigated disasters

Now our backs are against the wall
Thanks to RINO sellouts one and all
King Barry animates them so beautifully
If what you’re looking for is more tyranny

These spineless bastards do not care
Breathing their high society atmosphere
They don’t contest what King Barry’s sayin’
Yet they maliciously spin lies about Sarah Palin

When they attack today with their slander
Americans resolve to stand fast around her
Voters now see RINOs with emperors clothes
And they’ll fight hard for America’s heart and soul

All Tea Party patriots with truest resolution
And each lover of freedom and our constitution
It’s time to make mid-terms ring King Barry’s bell
Let’s work like it matters to prove we’re mad as hell

(C) Copyright Sandy Stringfellow/2013

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