The Conservative Way

by Sandy Stringfellow

My friends this ain’t no joke there’s heavy lifting to be done
Enemies attack us from all sides as they try to take our guns
By shredding our Constitution they view with caviler displeasure
Indifferent to historical content and the costs in blood and treasure

Don’t listen to the lies they spin for there is no truth or honor
Among these thieves and traitors that insult our founding fathers
Actions are the final arbiter determining true contents of character
House and Senate manage to always prove a collective moral disaster

Working in collusion with enemies trying to destroy our nation
Smarmy grins on their faces to conceal the treacherous relations
Compromise and consensus are the nouns they’ll speak with ease
While behind closed doors they’ll barter doing exactly as they please

Crony capitalism rules the day with politicians sold and bought
Feeding on favors and inside dirt like pigs lined up at the troughs
Selling out their country and countrymen with silver-tongued decay
Getting rich and getting ready for catastrophe they’ve brought our way

Lady Thatcher and Sir Winston, Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan
Showed us the road to victory if we’re serious about saving our nation
Not from lowly pandering but through political involvement and resolution
Conservatism is what we call the defense of our Declaration and Constitution

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.

One thought on “The Conservative Way

  1. I posted the following quite a while back and called it a Manifesto to Take The Country Back:-My friend Doc, talks about the Nefarious, Hedonist, Criminal, Subversive and power-hungry groups that now are in power in the U.S. Government and they are called Democrats and Republicans pretending to be Opposed To One Another on TV Food Fights, but in actuality, are both On the SAME TEAM, The Big Government Team.-A good summation Doc.  But, in spite of all these nefarious, hedonist, criminal, subversive and other wise power-hungry groups and the scoundrels who are behind them, We, The People, of the USA, for the most part, are not Party to those scoundrels, and we True Patriots and Loyalists of the U.S.A., still have this Juvenile Notion that America is A Great Country and that Our Fathers, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, and all the way back to our Founders, were great men and women who Founded This Nation with Liberty and Justice For All, One Nation Under God, and Indivisible.    Those principles are still what the Majority of Americans Believe In and that is the America that we are Going To Bring Back. Year after year, we elect local city and county governments, state governments, and a U.S. government and the politicians Promise Hope, Change, And an Overall Better Society and More Prosperity than the Ones They Are Running Against Have Created.  Both of the major parties promise the same things with different spin. Then, when they get into power, regardless of party affiliation, they do not Turn Any Thing Around.  They do not Abolish Any Of The Worthless Programs, Agencies, Bureaus, Commissions, and Departments that their predecessors initiated.  And, not only do none of them roll back anything, they expand on the already existing agencies, bureaus, commissions and departments, and may even create a few more as we are currently seeing with the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Regime.  More and more regulatory agencies, commissions, and new agents and agencies.  For example, the Obama administrations IRS added 2000 new agents just to go back and Audit and otherwise Hustle Legal Tax Payers and Businesses out of even more taxes that they say somebody owes, and these 2000 agents are being used excessively in targeting Political Opponents of the Regime.Also, under the New Socialized Medicine Scam, 16,500 new IRS agents are part of that scam.  These 16,500 new IRS Gestapo are in place to Track Down and Confiscate Wealth in whatever means necessary of those workers and businesses who somehow try to resist the Unconstitutional Law of Forcing Citizens to Buy Health Insurance. This is an increase in the number of IRS agents of 18,500, and all total, the Obama Fascist Bureaucracy has grown by over 300,000 new Federal Workers in brand new Made Up Jobs, and when they Make Up These Jobs to Expand the Bureaucratic Empire, they have to Find New Things to Control and or Regulate or to Create New Victims to Serve. And, what the Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Nazis, Hedonists, Liberal Democrats, RINO Republicans and others have not considered or taken into account is the fact that Many Of Us Out Here In Fly Over Country Truly Do Believe In the USA, Our Constitution, Our God, Our Country, Our Families, Our Language, Our Borders, Our Culture, Our Beliefs, Our Customs, Our Traditions.  In short, we believe In the USA as a Nation of Laws, Customs, Beliefs, Traditions, Culture, Language, and Borders.  These are the things that define a Nation.   And, for the past 70 years or so, we have allowed Politicians and Bureaucrats of Both Major Political Parties with the aid of the Public Education System, Hollywood, Entertainment Industries, to Begin to Hack Away At Our Values, Customs, Beliefs, Traditions, Language, Laws, and Finally Borders.  Without these things, you do not have a sovereign and cohesive nation. All the Government's Laws, Rules, and Directives have been aimed at Destroying all these things and the Cohesiveness.  Instead of trying to create and maintain cohesiveness, the official government policies and rulings have been aimed at Destroying Cohesiveness and Splintering the Nation into Sub Groups and Hyphenated Groups and Nations. The entire Cultural Diversity Movement came on the tail of Political Correctness.  Now, instead of being Proud To Be An American, we have an Official Mantra Coming From Government and Mandated By Official Laws in the U.S. Government To Celebrate Cultural Diversity And Set Aside Days, Weeks, And Months for Targeted Groups of Americans.  And, now being added to this Mantra of Separatism is even being set aside for other Sub Groups such as Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Americans.  The U.S. government has official dictates celebrating this sub group and have set aside days and months to Celebrate this Cultural Diversity. And, the PC trend to Hyphenate-Americans into Other-Nation Sub Groups:  African-Americans; Latino-Americans; Irish-Americans; Asian-Americans, etc.  We are Americans.  If you want to identify as Mexican, Move To Mexico; If you want to identify as Irish, Move to Ireland;  If you want to Identify as Italian, Move to Italy;  If you want to identify as Native American, Live On A Reservation;  If you want to Identify as anything other than a Proud U.S. Legal U.S. Citizen and American, then you are part of the problem. It is up to We, The People To Get Good People Elected.  Good People who are not going to our city, county, state and U.S. government to play along with the current politicians, but who are going there to Return to Constitutional Law and Limited Government at every level of government.  Every government in the USA mimics the Federal Government.  The U.S. Government Bureaucracy has grown and grown to the point that we make the old USSR's worthless Politburo look like a little old lady's book club meeting.  Our federal bureaucracy has so many agencies, departments, commission, and bureaus that they cannot even keep accurate count as to how many they have.  State and local governments Mimic The Feds as the Feds put more and more Mandates on States and Local Governments. We have to Return to Constitutional Law, and Return this Nation back to Nation Status.  A Nation is Defined First By Borders (We Have to Secure our Borders and Ports); by language–English is the Official Language (I do not care what language you speak in your homes with your family members, but in public, you need to be able to communicate with others and to be able to understand it when somebody says something to you.); By traditions, customs, values and beliefs, a nation is defined.  You can be proud of your heritage, but you will recognize and respect those Customs, Values and Beliefs of the Nation In Which You Live.  If you love your Mexican Heritage and want to Fly Your Mexican Flag at Your Home, you are free to do so, but you are not going to be allowed to Pull Down Our Flag and Replace It With Your Own.  This disrespectful Act will not be allowed by Legal Citizens.  And, if You are An Illegal Invader, you will be Returned Home, and You Will Not Pass Go, and You Will not Receive 200 dollars.  A Nation without Borders and Border Protection is not a Nation. These are the things that We, The People have to do. We have to Roll Back and Down Size Government At all Levels of Government.  Not just talk about it, but Actually do it once we get into power.  If we do not do these things, the Same Old Gangs Will Continue to Destroy and Control Us. Thanks—Jerome Posted around August 5, 2010. 

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