A Correctional Ghetto

by Cap Black

Sheriff Marlon Gusman

New Orleans criminal justice system isn’t broken — it’s simply non-existent by most modern standards.

The spotlight is on Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) — equivalent to a county detention center. Civil rights abuse claims abound, as do allegations of incompetence.

Watch this video, taken by OPP inmates,which makes my point far more than mere words!

Warning, adult content:


Who’s more to blame, the thugs in blue jeans or alleged uniformed thugs “supervising” this spectacle while more laws are broken on camera than can be counted?

This is the prevailing mindset among too many of this city’s majority Black population. The criminality seems molecule-deep and do-gooder proof, thus far.

To be fair, White natives share in it as well. This roguishness is fully integrated but less refined among lower income demographics.

My three years living here has been sobering. I’m a Black Southerner, but New Orleans offers a Southern Blackness, the likes of which, I and most other outsiders haven’t previously experienced.

Scenes like this didn’t begin with the current sheriff, Marlon Gusman… To blame him for holding the bag on generations of dysfunction seemed unfair to some advocates and even racist to others.

Critics on the other hand accuse his staff of being little more than uniformed versions of the prisoners seen above.

Supposed low entry requirements and low pay are listed as culprits, but I bluntly add that the local supply of overgrown boy and girl scouts is so depleted as to make a surplus of straight arrow Serpicos highly unlikely.

I think he’s doing the best he can with what he has. I’m prepared to be proven wrong on this count, but against such odds, what can one do that won’t invite lawsuits?

Sheriff Gusman gets to house a microcosm of New Orleans urban reality: a feral existence punctuated by profanity; medicated with substance abuse and riddled with gunfire.

As an American Black man, I’m surrounded by “brothers” like these, blindly pursuing lives of petty crime while Martin Luther King and Malcolm X spin in their graves at warp speed.

Some say my term “chocolate Klansmen” is too harsh tin describing the vandals you just watched. I think it’s more polite than what’s understandably running through certain readers minds.

Sheriff Gusman’s critics and supporters agree on one thing: Orleans Parish Prison is a correctional ghetto.

Can we ask him to cure such a captive audience with a tiny budget and manpower compared to billions spent on creating Obama’s Great Society in it all forms?

He’s the parish jail executive — not its top plantation overseer, despite how some inmates and correctional officers act.

Individuals must upgrade themselves – institutions can’t magically do it for them.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Georgia – Black Elected Official Sets New Low

by Cap Black

Brunswick, GA city commissioner and mayor pro tem James Henry Brooks should be ashamed of himself for interfering in this extremely hot button murder case.

9_Brooks Mug 2

His bungling reminds me yet again that Black faces in high places don’t necessarily mean color blind governance!

Quite the contrary, as we see.

Brooks attempted to assist the prime suspect’s mother by advising her not to talk to an officer who’d approached her.

Memo to Black elected officials: dipping segregation era interposition and nullification in chocolate doesn’t make it any less wrong!

This case promises to heighten tensions in ways that will make Blacks who practice racial double standards when it comes to crime rue the day they did so.

Bet on it!

A 13 month old baby is dead and justice for him and closure for his family should be the only priority – not running interference for a murder suspect and the mother covering for him.

Mr. Brooks set a new low with this stunt.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Warning …

Nothing is ever what it seems to be
In a world of sinners and trickery
When down is up and up is down
That every smile could be a frown
Girls in pants and guys in drags
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A heterosexual could be gay
If he’s bisexual in the hay
Where politicians lips would lie
Then kiss the babies, make them cry
We hear the words some preachers preach
And they should practice what they teach
When bad is good and good is bad
How to tell then, what is fad
Some merchants sell us things online
Then share our data free of fine
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Taking cues from a sinner’s song
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