A Courageous Black Conservative Attacked …

One of the contributing writers to my website, Cap Black aka Nadra Enzi, was the victim of a racially-motivated attack in New Orleans last week. His attackers torched his belongings and sabotaged his laptop. Cap Black is a prolific writer who is widely published, but, for now, he is unable to post his blogs or access the Internet, only send texts via his cellphone.

Cap Black (“The Hood Conservative”) is one of our rare black conservative crusaders (seemingly – there are more standing up and speaking out in defense of our Constitution); he speaks to his community and others honestly and fearlessly. I’m one of many who feel he has great potential in reaching out to those who are hypnotized by ‘obama’s checkbook’ or deceived by this regime’s anti-American policies and beyond.

When I found a way to contact him this morning, he said:

“When racist anarchists used arson against me they lit the flame of liberty even brighter among my conservative family.”

If you wish to help a fellow conservative, personally, as well as help him get back into the fight for liberty and conservative values, please consider donating here: http://www.gofundme.com/197xk8?utm_medium=wdgt

Thank you!


Publisher, The Bold Pursuit®

2 thoughts on “A Courageous Black Conservative Attacked …

  1. My regrets to a strong ally and friend of values and ideals that would make this a better country. And I commend his courage and strength to vocalize his message to a community that often feels disenfranchised and disaffected from Conservative/Libertarian values, which they often view as inherently racist. My friend stay strong, and don't be afraid to ask your close friends for support, even if it's just to say, "I need a friend right now." You probably had at least 100,000 supporters out there. After word of this gets around, you'll probably get 100,000 more. Let freedom reign. Get well soon….

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