Gosnell trial reveals “Life” to be the Civil Rights battle of a generation.

by Jim Davis

If the Gosnell murder trial has taught us anything, it’s taught us that abortion is to Democrats what the holocaust is to neo-nazis: “an acceptable level of inhumanity”. When one reads the testimonies of those who’ve worked in abortion mills, (there is now a Delaware Planned Parenthood abortion mill being reported as unsafe and dirty. Delaware Planned Parenthood Ruth Barnaby CEO denies the professional assessment that this mill endangers women with hepatitis. Of course she does, it’s what she gets paid to do *UPDATE: Barnaby announces abortion mill no longer performing abortions as a result of the conditions she earlier denied). It’s obvious that what happens in abortion mills is nothing short of a holocaust equal to, and surpassing the horrors of Auschwitz, Treblinka, or Ebensee. With testimonies of infants screaming in terror; and writhing in pain from the abortionist knife, these horrors and brutal assaults on their persons can, and should be classified as inhumane and monstrous beyond measurable levels of cruelty. This activity is exposed as legal terrorism on the most innocent of victims: children who are denied even their right to have their screams heard: until now.

The testimony of one witness says:

“ [she] was called back to a room at his abortion clinic in Philadelphia where the bodies of aborted babies were kept on a shelf to hear one screaming amid the bodies of aborted babies kept on a shelf…

“I can’t describe it. It sounded like a little alien,” West said, telling the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge and jury that the body of the child was about 18 to 24 inches long and was one of the largest babies she had seen delivered during abortion procedures at the Women’s Medical Society clinic…

West, who said she called aborted babies “specimens” because “it was easier to deal with mentally,” said a co-worker had called her back to the room that night because she did not know what to do. West said the baby’s eyes and mouth were not yet completely formed and it was lying on a glass tray on a shelf and she told the co-worker to call Gosnell and fled the room…

She later made it clear that she called it “a baby” in her testimony “because that is what it is.”

When faced with these descriptions in the past, the left has laughed at the compassion of the pro-life movement, (see Planned parenthood supporters mock abortion survivor) dismissing them as “emotionally charged” and a misrepresentation of the truth. The above quoted first-hand testimony confirms those cruelty charges, and what people have really known from the beginning: abortion, especially middle and late term abortions; viciously kills children who already have awareness and feel pain.

The Left’s defense has now changed from denying the humanity of the child, to the argument of Economics. In short, their half century of unrealistic philosophies has finally infringed their own budgets. This video shows a pro-choice woman justifying her destruction of pro-life signs based on the cost of, (to use her description) “crack babies”. Interesting how things ultimately come down to “the money” isn’t it?

We would remind the left that it is their policies that have aggrandized the Murphy Browns, the Sandra Flukes; and even excused the promiscuity of the late Ted Kennedy and the Bill Clintons of the world who have a proclivity for “spreading seed.” An official “We told you so” is due here. This argument directly mirrors that of the Nazi (and other Marxist) movements that justify the annihilation of undesirable peoples based on social sensitivities and convenience. Targeted have been those who are/were undesirable based on race, expediency, and bigotry. With black children suffering the most; and baby girls being aborted because of their gender: the comparison is accurate and valid.

A grassroots movement to defend the humanity of the unborn has already gained traction. In North Dakota, Governor Jack Dairymple recently signed into law the requirement to perform tests to determine if an infant’s heartbeat is detectable. The heartbeat negates the ability to abort the child unless the life of the mother is jeopardized. Additionally, gender-specific abortions are now illegal in that state. The law also requires that an abortionist be a medical doctor, and one who has privileges (they are qualified to practice medicine) in at least one North Dakota hospital. Arkansas law also recognizes the humanity of the unborn with its new law banning abortions after the first trimester of gestation of a child- also with an exception for endangerment of the mothers’ life. While Democrats Governor Mike Bebe vetoed the legislation, the state legislators were able to over-ride his veto with a super-majority of support for the law.

Just as rectitude and compassion compelled people to be outraged by the Holocaust, challenged the inhumanity of slavery, and the demand for equal application of the Constitution for black Americans in the past: the new Civil Rights issue of our generation is the humanization of these defenseless infants. The goal is to restore their unalienable right to Life, and allow them access to the liberty and pursuit of happiness observed by the founding documents.

Humanity demands it.

(Reprinted with permission)

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