American Dread …

~ by Clio 

Why do so many Americans feel a sense of dread about the future? Why is interest in “prepping” rising (preparing oneself, family and home from some sort of devastation)? Why are many citizens investing in precious metals instead of the stock market? 

There is a simple, yet uneasy answer to the above: 

Americans no longer feel safe. 

In the 1950s, Americans built bomb shelters, children practiced bomb drills at school in anticipation of the rising risk of attack by atomic and nuclear weapons. After the lessons of Pearl Harbor, Americans intended to be ready and able to protect their families. 

Still, the country maintained an abiding faith and respect for the strength of our military and national leadership. 

Today, our military strength is weakened due to cutbacks in troops and funding to pay for irresponsible government spending. Our nuclear defense is lessened due to Obama signing the START nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia to drastically cut our nuclear missiles by 30%. (Curiously, Obama banned most media from witnessing, allowing only a few still photographers to capture this significant event.) 

Obama’s looming bureaucratic nightmare, obamacare, will, and already has begun to devastate industries, in particular, small businesses, and is currently causing layoffs or down-sizing of full-time to part-time employees to avoid tax penalties and the rising costs of employer provided health insurance. 

Doctors are leaving their professions or taking early retirement due to this regime’s plan to destroy our medical system and economy. 

The number of Americans enrolled in welfare and food stamp programs rose dramatically from the onset of Obama administration. Almost half the country is now receiving benefits from some sort of entitlement program. Clearly, Obama’s policies are intended to further the progressive/socialist creation of a nanny state – a national dependency on federal aid that will soon overwhelm available resources, “forcing” a future liberal administration to confiscate money. In fact, Obama is already pushing a concept that retirement tax benefits should only apply to the first $3,000,000, just another hidden tax increase. 

The maligned ‘wealthy’ class (the Obama regime continues to broaden and redefine that term) is dumping stocks and some are pulling up stakes – homes and businesses – to move to more welcoming climes. 

The Obama regime persists in its efforts to add trillions to our existing nation debt and still yearns for more spending and more taxes. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is on an unchecked spree, printing billions of dollars each month which will eventually decimate the middle class Obama claims to be protecting.

Part of his ‘plan’ is to force financially successful citizens to pay their “fair share” – although nobody knows what that “fair share” is – an absurd premise given the hefty taxes most of the wealthy already pay to the government. Obama’s “fair share” aspirations serve to promulgate antagonism towards successful, wealthy Americans, the ones that provide capital through investment so new businesses can start-up, existing businesses can grow, and private sector jobs can be created. 

Obama wants to inculcate his ideologies into all aspects of our daily lives. His regime’s tactics include race-baiting, intolerance, fear-mongering, creating towards Republicans by falsely accusing them of causing most of the catastrophic dangers we now face, and other tactics too numerous than can be noted in a single blog.

Obama’s policies are toxic to America. His attempts to invalidate the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution (the right to bear arms), change the definition of marriage, corrode our family and Judeo-Christian values are gaining some traction. 

His use of Executive Orders to override Congress and the Will of the People are indicative of his utter disdain for the American way and stated intention to fundamentally change America. 

This is no surprise; after all, he told us that was his plan from the start. However, ‘fundamental change’ is significantly different from ‘obliterate and recreate a new country.‘ This is not hyperbole: one day (and not in the distant future), we may awaken and not recognize our homeland. 

… It is no wonder why Americans no longer feel safe within their homes, with their leadership and or in their country.

Clio is the Publisher, Executive Editor and writer for The Bold Pursuit ®

© TBP Publishing 2013, The Bold Pursuit®. All Rights Reserved

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