Warning …

Nothing is ever what it seems to be
In a world of sinners and trickery
When down is up and up is down
That every smile could be a frown
Girls in pants and guys in drags
Can’t tell the difference by the tags
A heterosexual could be gay
If he’s bisexual in the hay
Where politicians lips would lie
Then kiss the babies, make them cry
We hear the words some preachers preach
And they should practice what they teach
When bad is good and good is bad
How to tell then, what is fad
Some merchants sell us things online
Then share our data free of fine
And children can’t tell right from wrong
Taking cues from a sinner’s song
What’s more to say about this news
But to warn you on how you choose
Shylock’s latest book, Poems of Shylock, is in all major stores now.

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