Georgia – Black Elected Official Sets New Low

by Cap Black

Brunswick, GA city commissioner and mayor pro tem James Henry Brooks should be ashamed of himself for interfering in this extremely hot button murder case.

9_Brooks Mug 2

His bungling reminds me yet again that Black faces in high places don’t necessarily mean color blind governance!

Quite the contrary, as we see.

Brooks attempted to assist the prime suspect’s mother by advising her not to talk to an officer who’d approached her.

Memo to Black elected officials: dipping segregation era interposition and nullification in chocolate doesn’t make it any less wrong!

This case promises to heighten tensions in ways that will make Blacks who practice racial double standards when it comes to crime rue the day they did so.

Bet on it!

A 13 month old baby is dead and justice for him and closure for his family should be the only priority – not running interference for a murder suspect and the mother covering for him.

Mr. Brooks set a new low with this stunt.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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