Chicago’s Hood Conservative: Paul McKinley

by Cap Black

“I’m an ex offender trying to stop the next offender ” – Paul McKinley 

There’s something very familiar about Illinois GOP congressional candidate Paul McKinley.

I grew up with men like him. In his past criminal life, I’ve opposed those like his previous self all my adult life. 

Urban thugs inspired my phrase, “chocolate Klansmen.” 

I also support the few who climb out of the grave of crime and ignorance smothering neighborhoods like the ones in which he and I grew up.

His ex-con background is getting a lot of press, ironically, from the same mainstream media otherwise reliably soft on crime. 

It seems their embrace of urban rehabilitation stops short of Black men running as Republicans. 

To be fair, the Chicago GOP establishment hasn’t received him with open arms either. 

Herein lies the dilemma… 

Inner city reformers like McKinley are representative of life within these Democrat-held areas. While purists balk at his diction, it is the same language spoken daily in an America few Republicans dare visit. 

His advocacy against Chicago’s infamous “Machine” and support of traditional marriage and gun rights are what the inner city needs to hear more from traditionalists from there. 

He can’t be dismissed as a trust fund baby. 

He can’t be accused of acting “too White” (a typical Democrat charge) for such an urban district. 

He knows life there with an intimacy few critics or even distant supporters can match. Very rarely do people escape such hopelessness. 

In Paul McKinley, America witnesses a truly Hood conservative who has lived the worst of the inner city and now wants to help save it. 

Sounds good to me.

Here’s his priceless analysis of Chicago’s ” Machine:”

Cap Black The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Best of TBP: “A False Premise of Leadership”

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“A False Premise of Leadership”

by Sandy Stringfellow

It was in high school that I first read “Animal Farm,” the brilliantly satirical expose of Stalinist communism by George Orwell. Among other things, Orwell illustrated how control of language determines the outcome of events.

“Newspeak” was the modus operandi of those seeking power, with indoctrination of thought being the end result.

Although many words in our English language often have specific meanings, the impressions left upon us from the manner in which words are used in society often have as great an effect as the actual definitions themselves.

The word “racist” is thrown around quite a bit these days. In most cases, a more accurate word for the intended meaning of the insult is “bigot.”

Through political correctness, we’ve been conditioned to understand that “racist” has a greater negative political charge than “bigot,” and we respond with a more pronounced knee-jerk reaction when it is used.

Even though it would appear, in this day and age, that few people in America are actual racists, most of us have been taught to be afraid of the word.

It’s not the meaning of the word that counts, but the perceived impact of the word… Please read the full article: A False Premise

White Male Disenfranchisement Debated at CPAC 2013

by Cap Black

Presenter K Carl Smith’s, “Trump The Race Card” session at CPAC Friday had an audience member who posed the following question:

“Why can’t we be more like Booker T. Washington Republicans, and his famous statement: ‘Let’s be unified like the hand but separate like the fingers?'”

Mr Smith responded by citing Frederick Douglass letter to his former slave master in which he forgave him.

Undeterred, the questioner, replied, “For giving him food and shelter all those years?”

I chuckle at this statement while recalling how Douglass fought his slave master for two hours to win his freedom.

Later identified as Scott Terry of North Carolina, the 30-year old unveiled the elephant in the room at such conservative inclusion functions: White male disenfranchisement.

He’s also founder of the White Student Union at Towson University – not a big deal to me since I’m not an “Integration-made Negro,” to quote Malcolm X.

White folks choosing to promote themselves the way American Blacks have (“Black Student Unions,” etc.) doesn’t disturb me in the least.

People are free to associate, as broadly or narrowly, as they choose.

Here’s the video of this historic CPAC discussion :

The issue is whether adding more American Blacks to the GOP is, in effect, discriminatory?

At first glance it’s ironic given Frederick Douglass Republicans stated purpose of disarming liberal racism cries.

K Carl Smith’s work is as much about arming American Whites against Progressive bigotry claims, as it is about bringing more Blacks into the GOP.

Very ironic such a question would arise.

I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican because it allows Americans who champion traditional values to do so free from the encumbrances of out-dated racial roles.

It’s impetus isn’t White guilt nor Black rage – it’s a colorblind consensus using one man’s story which speaks to all Americans.

This young man should note the solid backbone of the GOP in the former Dixie, is White Southerners like himself.

He should further note the same holds true for Tea Parties in this region.

White male disenfranchisement is a real concern, but hardly within the ranks of the Republican Party and Tea Party movements.

I do concede that desperate grabs for Latino and gay voters make a lot of folks wonder if conservative White males will be replaced should such efforts succeed.

Casting his gaze toward the White House should have resulted in seeing where real disenfranchisers of White conservative males gather.

Progressives of all colors in this administration seem hell-bent on dismantling the very heritage this young man holds dear.

His choice is clear: unite with Americans who may not resemble him to save a religious ethic, constitutional framework and market which benefits all or lose everything against a Left that is unified and unyielding?

Presenter K Carl Smith and questioner Scott Terry privately spoke after the proverbial smoke cleared.

Terry even bought a copy of Smith’s seminal book, “Frederick Douglass Republicans. “

From such bumpy starts are coalitions built.

I close with the words of Mrs. Lynne Roberts, Frederick Douglass Republicans one-person command center:

“The Frederick Douglass Republican message of Americans voting our common values, not a party, is SO powerful that it it strikes fear into the hearts of the status quo-supporting extreme left, as well as the extreme right.”

“Chaos” was hardly the word, just watch the video. As you can clearly see, Terry had a couple of supporters, who were inconsequential. Mr. Smith handled the situation calmly, and the crowd, comprised of about 75% under 25-year olds, was uniformly appalled by Terry’s remarks. The small amount of racism that exists today, is manufactured by the Left, in order to keep Black Americans on the poverty plantation. Frederick Douglass tenets are as powerful today as they were decades ago: respect for the Constitution, respect for life, belief in limited government and belief in personal responsibility.

Visit the website and you will see for yourselves:

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

“Be your OWN Superhero!”

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

White Boogeymen and Black Super Villains

by Cap Black

I have searched the Hood high and low looking for its super villains. This search has yielded a Rogues Gallery of colorful characters, most of whom are themselves Hood residents.

The White Boogeyman has yet to cross my path.

While conservative men; immigrant business men and capitalism generally are Black America’s preferred scapegoats, home grown hell raisers get a pass.

Our super villain lens seems set to ignore the super villain culture urging youth to be ever more vulgar and violent.

This lens also does cultural editing where daily Black shooters I call chocolate Klansmen are deleted in favor of the occasional police officer or non-Black citizen shooting one of us:f us.

Black super villains have it made.

They have their own high profile lobbyists, like:


 And civil rights organizations like the NAACP to propose softening penalties for their crimes:

Any wrong they do can always be blamed, no matter how improbably, on the likes of



Black super villains are never at fault for what they do and thus enjoy unlimited license to destroy even more generations while the Black mainstream contents itself to look for White boogeymen.

This deadly serious game of White Boogeymen and Black Super Villains has nearly destroyed the inner city; has Black popular culture on life support and promises to forever remove most American Blacks from contention as a competitors in this market place.

It’s hard for me as an anti crime activist to ignore the surplus of Black super villains around me in the inner city, in favor of distant White boogey men.

Loving thugs who refuse to repent is literally costing us everything!

Crime fighting, like charity, begins at home!


Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Rapper Simmons: Dead Wrong About the NRA

by Cap Black

Russell Simmon’s and his brother Run (of RunDMC fame) were part of my formative years!

Their optimistic, sometimes political music provided a perfect swan song for the gun violence which crack brought in the 1980s.

New York’s draconian gun laws disarm the innocent while the guilty arm themselves to the teeth.

It’s sad to hear Simmon’s recently say, “Black people ain’t got time (for the NRA)” when no less than Jam Master Jay (born Jason Mizell), DJ for his brother’s group, was murdered in 2002.

Mr. Mizell had been previously shot in of his legs. Could accessible, legal gun ownership have saved his and other NY gun crime victims lives? 

Perhaps Black folks lives aren’t important enough in the “enlightened” North?

Simmons should support Black gun ownership if for no other reason than so many rappers now find themselves targets of angry thugs.

Even Afrocentric female rapper, Queen Latifah narrowly escaped an armed carjacking attempt in 1995.

Jam Master JayWhen will Black liberals finally stop allowing thugs to run loose in the Hood?

The irony of the situation isn’t lost on observers who note many of these same rappers lyrics and stage personae also bellow “angry thug!” to the market place.

Simmons should want his Black listeners to be able to legally defend themselves since they can’t afford armed body guards and police escorts like him.

Safety is a civil right, too, and the Hood whose fads made Simmons a multi-millionaire is also the most unsafe place in America.

All brothers, like new NRA spokesperson Colion Noir, are doing is trying to bring some equality into the picture.

Equality is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Especially when inner city thugs in major cities like New York and Chicago enjoy an unequal right to shoot unarmed Black citizens obeying gun laws which leave them defenseless.

Black people without body guards don’t have time for uneven odds killing us daily!

Russell Simmons is wrong about the NRA.

Dead wrong according to inner city headlines.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


Rand Paul Defeated Drone-By Shooting

by Cap Black

US Senator Rand Paul ( R-KY ) achieved a political impossibility: his filibuster drew support from the ACLU and Code Pink, hardly libertarian or Republican organizations.

Added to the Tea Party and other conservatives (Republican and otherwise), this forms a fearsome coalition for would-be presidential contenders.

His 12 hour, 52-second filibuster is the 9th longest in Senate history (pending Senate Historian confirmation) and placed the issue I nicknamed “drone-by shooting”of these weapons on our soil against citizens, without trial, on the front burner.

This issue united left and right unlike anything in recent memory and revealed that basic safety from the government is something Americans across the ideological spectrum agree upon.

Such unity is not only the stuff of taming this administration, but is laying the ground work for a 2016 Paul presidential run.

I’m sure ambitious Republicans and Democrats are watching this unlikely coalition with some alarm.

Senator Marco Rubio joined Senator Paul on the Senate floor, a move observers feel was designed to acknowledge the moment Paul created and book mark himself as an ally – perhaps for his own future presidential campaign use.

Whether Americans need to fearfully look skyward is something the good senator and Obama will soon discuss.

Presently, Rand Paul has defeated drone-by shooting on American soil, at least in the court of public opinion.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

“Words Without Meaning”

by Sandy Stringfellow

The world most of us inhabit is often defined to a significant degree by words we use. We are frequently held to standards of accountability for not only what we say, but often for the manner in which we say it. Not so long ago, words had universal meaning in civil society; today, it’s common to find a jumbled mishmash of the non-specific gibberish being propagated by our public officials lacking in clarity, forthrightness, honesty, and integrity: in short, words without meaning.

Let us consider the methods of Washington, D.C., inside-the-beltway applied political crafts of misdirection and obfuscation before reading the following excerpts from an article at the news website Washington Free Beacon.

Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed bold confidence weapons were flowing to Syrian rebels from countries other than the United States; the official U.S. position being one of providing only non-lethal aid for those working to over-throw the government of Bashar al-Assad.

While it may technically be a true statement if stretched far enough, Kerry’s misdirection leaves open the possibility of the U.S. smuggling weapons in to those “other countries” before being transferred into the hands of forces King Barry supports in Syria as he appears to cement his inexplicable and congressionally unchallenged expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East and North Africa with American tax dollars.

Members of the radical left – and politicians, generally – must learn the craft of misdirection as well as obfuscation since it would be highly counter-productive to tell the truth about their plans and behaviors, and what they’ve been doing specifically to carry out those plans.

Kerry had the following to say about sources for weapons being used in Syria:

“We had a discussion about the types of weapons that are being transferred and by whom. We did discuss the question of the ability to try to guarantee that it’s going to the right people and to the moderate Syrian opposition coalition.”

Besides the wretched grammar, Kerry’s comment is non-nonsensical and dubious at best; it appears to the untrained eye to retain a slimy patina of vague credibility as has become acceptably defined by today’s pseudo-sophisticated, pompous-bureaucrat apparatchik diplo-speak. This is not to infer Kerry’s delivery is accidental, incompetent, or in the slightest unworthy of being acknowledged as a perverse art form conducive to his intended objective.

The official U.S. government position is no weapons are being supplied, period. Mr. Kerry has ingeniously veered into the “types of weapons” and nebulous sources of transfer before creatively mixing his nouns into contradictions about a “question” of “ability” to “guarantee” “it’s”[sic] use by “the right people” who apparently may be others than “the moderate Syrian” “coalition;” another open-ended possibility.

It should be made clear there are no “moderate” influences in the civil war – or more accurately, tribal war – taking place in Syria, and the term “moderate” is a blatant prevarication on his part.

Kerry’s remarks were published by The Washington Free Beacon in the article Crisis in Syria as follows:

Rebel fighters detained 20 U.N. peacekeepers in the Golan Heights Wednesday just days after Israeli diplomats warned the United Nations that the Jewish State could not “stand idle” as the Syrian conflict spreads.

The rebel action against the U.N. workers came on the heels of an attack Monday on Syrian government forces that had fled across the Iraqi border. More than 40 government troops were killed as the Iraqi military was returning them to Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry expressed confidence that weapons were flowing to Syrian rebels from countries other than the United States during a Tuesday press conference in Doha with the Qatari prime minister.

“We had a discussion about the types of weapons that are being transferred and by whom,” Kerry said. “We did discuss the question of the ability to try to guarantee that it’s going to the right people and to the moderate Syrian opposition coalition.”

The United States has so far limited its support for the rebels to nonlethal aid.

Taxpayers funding the Syria misadventure have a valid reason to doubt the veracity of what Mr. Kerry has artfully attempted to imply. Despite concerted efforts – reasonably assumed as being initiated by King Barry – to suppress, misdirect, and obfuscate all information relating to the Benghazi mission murders – including heavily redacted F.B.I. transcripts of interviews with Benghazi survivors delivered to the Senate Intelligence Committee – enough is known to judiciously suspect numerous tons of weapons have been transferred covertly out of Libya to parts unknown.

Until a special council is appointed to determine what happened at the Benghazi mission on September 11, 2012, resulting in the deaths of four Americans – one of whom was the Ambassador Christopher Stevens – based upon unfettered access to all available information, we will never know the truth about the Benghazi mission murders; or what is taking place in Syria; or the chain of command in the Fast and Furious scandal, just to name a few topics that may be of interest to those wondering where and how tax dollars are being spent by their bankrupt government; a government working as hard as it can to misdirect and obfuscate the truth using words without meaning.