Pregnant Lesbians and Other Topics Grand Ma Wouldn’t Understand…

by Cap Black

 My maternal grandmother was a retired social studies teacher and traditional American. Each epic downturn away from once unquestioned precepts prompted in-depth discussion and shared concern for America’s future that strengthen me to this day. 

On Wednesday, March 28, 2013, Jenna Wolfe, a weekend host of NBC’s “Today Show” made two announcements which would have shocked my late Grand Ma: 

She not only said she was pregnant, but also that she was involved with a female reporter from another network. 

I’ve yet to understand why upper income female homosexuals opt to have children. Lower income ones do so to qualify for public assistance, something unnecessary for a pair of national network reporters. 

Grand Ma and I would have grappled with the apparent contradiction of a pregnant female couple and extrapolated this development in the Black community, where uniting a moribund heterosexual family unit should be our top priority. 

It hurt having to watch Grand Ma experience profound disappointment has values fell away in the community and America like layers of an onion. 

The Greatest Generation’s dubious reward for surviving the Great Depression, World War II, Jim Crow and the Cold War shouldn’t have been a country hell-bent on tossing God and traditional values into the ash bin of history. 

Everything that makes healthy civilizations seems under successful attack by those anxious to re-create the fall of ancient Rome and Greece on these shores. 

As I attempt to wrap my flexible but appalled mind around the paradox of pregnant lesbians, it’s clear this is yet another modern topic Grand Ma wouldn’t have understood. 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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