Darien Long: Urban Safety Scapegoat


by Cap Black 

Darien Long, Atlanta’s famous “Kick A$$ Mall Cop” has been arrested for tackling a trespassing suspect he’d banned from his facility. 

Local police say he couldn’t produce a trespassing notice to substantiate his claim. As a Georgian who did thug management there, I know a trespass notice isn’t required to ban someone from private property. 

Trespass notices are used to summarily order someone’s arrest should he return after being issued one by police at the direction of a merchant or his designee. 

Hopefully this bogus charge will be dropped. 

Hat tip to internet talk show host Tommy Sotomayor for breaking the story. Here’s his sobering commentary (Warning: Strong Language): 

I wrote this response on his YouTube comment section: “Smells like the local PD is upset a hostage (American Black who promotes safety rights) has been gaining fame for fighting the rampant crime they don’t seem to notice. MEMO TO LAW ABIDING BLACK FOLKS: SUFFER IN SILENCE & LET CHOCOLATE KLANSMEN TERRORIZE/DISRESPECT/KILL YOU AT WILL!” 

Local television coverage of this sad episode includes: 


Long’s story is one of how American Blacks who dare practice safety rights like other (read: White) Americans, stand in marked contrast to the hostage role written by an unlikely, unholy union: chocolate Klansmen (Black thugs) and local police who feel we shouldn’t oppose them. 

This unlikely, unholy union handcuffs law abiding citizens who, were they not Black, wouldn’t worry about whether otherwise lawful self-defense acts will be used against them Jim Crow judo style. 

Quite a Catch 22… 

It shows that we haven’t overcome as much as some think. 

As a Black male anti-crime activist, I know only too well how tight a tight rope I walk when dealing with chocolate Klansmen and law enforcement. 

I know I don’t get the benefit of the doubt White concerned citizens often take for granted. I’m more likely to be viewed as just another suspect and as such have governed 20 years of private officer and safety rights activities accordingly. 

Lest readers think I’ve gone liberal – far from it! 

This is simply being honest about the double-standard American Blacks can face when availing ourselves of the 2nd Amendment, state self-defense and private security statutes. 

Police culture hasn’t quite arrived at the conclusion that all of those in the Hood aren’t hoods and thus is prone to lump us all in the same criminal category.  

While Darien Long has numerous White supporters worldwide, I can’t help but wonder how well received his one-man line of defense has been by elements of the Atlanta Police department – of any color? 

Until American Blacks de-Klan the Hood, it encourages some cops to view all of us as trouble makers, ironically even those trying to stop trouble itself! 

Darien Long is an urban safety scapegoat and represents unsung heroes punished for being Americans daring self-defense… while Black! 

Cap Black The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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