Darkness Before Dawn

by Robert Arvay

One of the hallmarks of history is that sometimes, just when all seemed hopeless, the good guys won. There are many examples, both ancient and modern. One of each will suffice:

When the mighty Persian Empire seemed poised to eradicate the faint beginnings of Greek democracy in 480 BC, a small band of Greek soldiers gave their lives in a delaying battle that led to a Greek victory, and eventually to our democracy.

The first two and a half years of World War 2 saw a series of crushing defeats of British and American forces that could easily have erased freedom from the world. But the Allies persisted, and won. If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.

In event after event of history, great victories were won by small numbers of courageous fighters, often under circumstances where it seemed a miracle was needed, and sometimes, when it did not merely seem so.

But before each final victory, the general pattern seems to have been a series of defeats. It was during these times, during the years of darkness and frustration, during the years of pain and loss, that some people decided to join the enemy. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” was a common refrain. But those who did so, lived to regret that fatal choice.

It is one thing to read the history books, safe and secure in the knowledge that democracy did not die in its infancy at Thermopylae, and comforted by knowing that evil was defeated in World War 2.

But for the people living in the middle of those times, there was no “future history” book to assure them of victory. Their only assurance was faith.

So it is for us now. As American Patriots, all of us have witnessed the decline of our great nation. We suffer with each new defeat.

We have seen what has happened to the descendants of the Greatest Generation. That great generation was raised in the rigors of the Great Depression, then baptized in the fire of war. From those early struggles, that generation rebuilt our country, and bequeathed to their children both freedom and prosperity.

But something went terribly wrong. Today we see a citizenry abandoning the ideals of individualism, and falling into dependency. We see the culture becoming more profane with every new sitcom on TV. The list of civic failures is too painful to recite.

Some wit has remarked that the Washington, DC of today is the London of 1776, so remote and oppressive it has become. The Boston Tea Party of 1773 (yes, Sarah Palin was ridiculed by an ignorant news media for citing the date correctly) is now the national TEA Party movement.

At every turn it seems that we suffer yet another defeat. We yearn for George Washington, but we seem always to get Benedict Arnold instead.

Many of us have become weary, disheartened, even fatalistic. We no longer allow ourselves to get our hopes up, because it is too painful when, once again, those hopes are dashed.

Defeat seems all but certain. It will take a miracle to give us the victory.

That miracle will be provided by God, in His due course of time, not ours. God will lead us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. But note that He will lead us through it, not around it. Our duty is to follow Him. No task is more difficult, none is more rewarding.

The American spirit was born on the frontier, not in a living room. It was forged in war, not in a luxurious parlor. And it will be reborn in you, not in ease and leisure, but in struggle and pain.

A future history book will tell of your valiant struggle, not of the drudgery you will experience. Future historians will speak of your glorious victory, not of the pain and loss you will endure. The books will recount your determination and confidence, but not your doubts and fears as you risk your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor.

But because of you, those future historians will be born free, and because of that, they will carry on in the tradition that you have set for them, the ever continuing struggle for freedom.

Don’t give up, and above all, do not change sides. As you carry on the struggle, be confident that while victory will never be easy, it is assured.

History depends on you.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit.

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