Avoiding “Progressive Purgatory”

by Cap Black

A liberal ex-girlfriend brow beat me yesterday on the phone over the “debt” she felt I owed progressive social policies.

This is nothing new, but she was particularly pronounced – maybe because we hadn’t talked in a while.

To her credit, despite being a die-hard Democrat, she’s highly intelligent and an accomplished advisor to businesses, established and startups.

I wonder how someone like that can be a Democrat but somehow she pulls it off. Her resume should have her squarely on the Republican side of the ledger.

Sadly, that doesn’t stop her from attempting to “convert” me away from conservatism, which she equates to effectively supporting policies contrary to my best interests.

She fails to see that embracing leftist moral relativism and its anti-capitalist creed would do nothing to help me as an individual.

Undermining traditional marriage alone in Black America’s two-parent desert means a suicide pact dooming us to even more rudderless children and horrific headlines.

Extolling the virtues of Obama (yeah right!), social security, unemployment insurance, and affirmative action as if they don’t need serious reform, ensures she one day won’t have any businesses left to advise.

Middle class Black liberals preach a lot of socialism but always overlook their ironic role as beneficiaries of capitalism.

She worked hard to have marketable skills yet advocates government giveaways for low income American Blacks without marketable skills.

She helps other people make money, but supports tax policies which undermine producers of wealth and jobs.

She wants race-based preferences in education and employment while also blasting the boogeyman of White privilege.

I have plenty of White friends who feel anything but privileged these days, with millions more screaming agreement.

I can’t support the Progressive policy purgatory.

The America I grew up in has been ruled by them since the 1960s and has subsidized a wave of vulgarity, violence and general dysfunction the likes of which put old Soviet Russia to shame.

My ex-girlfriend really thinks joining her bandwagon would be a step forward for me.

Sadly, the world she invites me to join is a wasteland where folks like her do all the right things to succeed in a capitalist system, while not demanding the same of those they try to help.

I want far, far more for Americans in need than life sentences to a Progressive purgatory where nothing improves except the lot of do-nothing overseers.

That’s why I’ve avoided it for years!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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