Tuskegee Airman Carjacked by Junior Chocolate Klansmen

by Cap Black 

As if Detroit and the general crisis in the national Hood wasn’t enough, now comes the latest outrage: Mr. Jesse Rutledge, an 88 year old Tuskegee Airman, was recently car jacked at gun point by a demonic quartet of what I call “junior chocolate Klansmen.” 

Their estimated age was 13 years old. 

This immediately reminded me of the 1994 assault and home invasion of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, also in Detroit, at 81 years old.    

Surviving Nazis and their American counter parts in the Jim Crow South is rewarded by being attacked by out-of-control Black youth some bleeding heart is always enabling.    

Insult to injury was added in the Rosa Parks case when Joseph Skipper confessed to knowing who she was when he attacked her. 

This confession was made to a priest who caught him burglarizing the church he pastored. 

Disgusting is putting it mildly. 

Mr. Rutledge attackers were arrested (thank God!) and once again, American Blacks with sense are faced with the aftermath of juvenile jackals roaming our community. 

Congratulations little “brothers,” George W. Bush gave this hero and his peers a medal. 

You four could have given him a heart attack or a gunshot wound! 

Way to go! 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit 

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