“Progressivism” Re-Post: The Best of TBP

Next Monday, The Bold Pursuit celebrates its 4th year in service to conservative readers. Over the years, our columnists and contributing writers provided our site with the best citizen commentary online! As we continue to observe our milestone with reposts of “The Best of TBP,” our challenge is to select the best from four years of great blogs and features.

There are applications and other systems available to bloggers and websites to track and analyze traffic and the interests of readers. According to multiple sources, the following column from “JWT’s Journal” is one of the top requested pages on our site, as well as a top request with search engines.

John Wayne Tucker, former candidate for US Congress (MO), teacher and historian, joined TBP two and a half years ago, just after his last campaign. His conservative ideals combined with a deep knowledge of history, economics and politics make for fascinating (and, often disturbing) insight into our current state of affairs and projections for the future.

We’re proud to repost “The Pros and Cons of Progressivism in America” for our readers; its content is even more relevant today than in November 2011 when we first posted it on The Bold Pursuit.

If our readers would like to submit suggestions for their favorite blogs, please use the email form in the left column.

Thanks to all our readers for supporting TBP and its efforts for the past four years! ~ Clio

 “The Pros and Cons of Progressivism in America”

by John Wayne Tucker

Today, most conservatives are anxious to decry Progressivism as the very heart of the Liberal movement in America today. Perhaps that is true, but there is a need to understand the development of this movement, nevertheless.

Perhaps the fact that it is an “ism” induces part of the fear of Progressivism. Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. Vice President, American Studies of the Heritage Foundation recently wrote a piece called “Rejecting Principles in the Name of Progress” in which he outlines the modern day liberal move from strict or even moderate devotion to the principles as the Constitution as being based in the Progressive Movement of 1890 – 1920’s. In fact, he and most conservatives point to the idea that the Progressive Movement is still firmly intact and responsible for every current liberal ailment in existence today. Please read the full column: “The Pros and Cons of Progressivism” 

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