Chicago’s Hood Conservative: Paul McKinley

by Cap Black

“I’m an ex offender trying to stop the next offender ” – Paul McKinley 

There’s something very familiar about Illinois GOP congressional candidate Paul McKinley.

I grew up with men like him. In his past criminal life, I’ve opposed those like his previous self all my adult life. 

Urban thugs inspired my phrase, “chocolate Klansmen.” 

I also support the few who climb out of the grave of crime and ignorance smothering neighborhoods like the ones in which he and I grew up.

His ex-con background is getting a lot of press, ironically, from the same mainstream media otherwise reliably soft on crime. 

It seems their embrace of urban rehabilitation stops short of Black men running as Republicans. 

To be fair, the Chicago GOP establishment hasn’t received him with open arms either. 

Herein lies the dilemma… 

Inner city reformers like McKinley are representative of life within these Democrat-held areas. While purists balk at his diction, it is the same language spoken daily in an America few Republicans dare visit. 

His advocacy against Chicago’s infamous “Machine” and support of traditional marriage and gun rights are what the inner city needs to hear more from traditionalists from there. 

He can’t be dismissed as a trust fund baby. 

He can’t be accused of acting “too White” (a typical Democrat charge) for such an urban district. 

He knows life there with an intimacy few critics or even distant supporters can match. Very rarely do people escape such hopelessness. 

In Paul McKinley, America witnesses a truly Hood conservative who has lived the worst of the inner city and now wants to help save it. 

Sounds good to me.

Here’s his priceless analysis of Chicago’s ” Machine:”

Cap Black The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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