White Male Disenfranchisement Debated at CPAC 2013

by Cap Black

Presenter K Carl Smith’s, “Trump The Race Card” session at CPAC Friday had an audience member who posed the following question:

“Why can’t we be more like Booker T. Washington Republicans, and his famous statement: ‘Let’s be unified like the hand but separate like the fingers?'”

Mr Smith responded by citing Frederick Douglass letter to his former slave master in which he forgave him.

Undeterred, the questioner, replied, “For giving him food and shelter all those years?”

I chuckle at this statement while recalling how Douglass fought his slave master for two hours to win his freedom.

Later identified as Scott Terry of North Carolina, the 30-year old unveiled the elephant in the room at such conservative inclusion functions: White male disenfranchisement.

He’s also founder of the White Student Union at Towson University – not a big deal to me since I’m not an “Integration-made Negro,” to quote Malcolm X.

White folks choosing to promote themselves the way American Blacks have (“Black Student Unions,” etc.) doesn’t disturb me in the least.

People are free to associate, as broadly or narrowly, as they choose.

Here’s the video of this historic CPAC discussion :


The issue is whether adding more American Blacks to the GOP is, in effect, discriminatory?

At first glance it’s ironic given Frederick Douglass Republicans stated purpose of disarming liberal racism cries.

K Carl Smith’s work is as much about arming American Whites against Progressive bigotry claims, as it is about bringing more Blacks into the GOP.

Very ironic such a question would arise.

I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican because it allows Americans who champion traditional values to do so free from the encumbrances of out-dated racial roles.

It’s impetus isn’t White guilt nor Black rage – it’s a colorblind consensus using one man’s story which speaks to all Americans.

This young man should note the solid backbone of the GOP in the former Dixie, is White Southerners like himself.

He should further note the same holds true for Tea Parties in this region.

White male disenfranchisement is a real concern, but hardly within the ranks of the Republican Party and Tea Party movements.

I do concede that desperate grabs for Latino and gay voters make a lot of folks wonder if conservative White males will be replaced should such efforts succeed.

Casting his gaze toward the White House should have resulted in seeing where real disenfranchisers of White conservative males gather.

Progressives of all colors in this administration seem hell-bent on dismantling the very heritage this young man holds dear.

His choice is clear: unite with Americans who may not resemble him to save a religious ethic, constitutional framework and market which benefits all or lose everything against a Left that is unified and unyielding?

Presenter K Carl Smith and questioner Scott Terry privately spoke after the proverbial smoke cleared.

Terry even bought a copy of Smith’s seminal book, “Frederick Douglass Republicans. “

From such bumpy starts are coalitions built.

I close with the words of Mrs. Lynne Roberts, Frederick Douglass Republicans one-person command center:

“The Frederick Douglass Republican message of Americans voting our common values, not a party, is SO powerful that it it strikes fear into the hearts of the status quo-supporting extreme left, as well as the extreme right.”

“Chaos” was hardly the word, just watch the video. As you can clearly see, Terry had a couple of supporters, who were inconsequential. Mr. Smith handled the situation calmly, and the crowd, comprised of about 75% under 25-year olds, was uniformly appalled by Terry’s remarks. The small amount of racism that exists today, is manufactured by the Left, in order to keep Black Americans on the poverty plantation. Frederick Douglass tenets are as powerful today as they were decades ago: respect for the Constitution, respect for life, belief in limited government and belief in personal responsibility.

Visit the website and you will see for yourselves: http://www.frederickdouglassrepublican.org

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

“Be your OWN Superhero!”

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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