Rand Paul Defeated Drone-By Shooting

by Cap Black

US Senator Rand Paul ( R-KY ) achieved a political impossibility: his filibuster drew support from the ACLU and Code Pink, hardly libertarian or Republican organizations.

Added to the Tea Party and other conservatives (Republican and otherwise), this forms a fearsome coalition for would-be presidential contenders.

His 12 hour, 52-second filibuster is the 9th longest in Senate history (pending Senate Historian confirmation) and placed the issue I nicknamed “drone-by shooting”of these weapons on our soil against citizens, without trial, on the front burner.

This issue united left and right unlike anything in recent memory and revealed that basic safety from the government is something Americans across the ideological spectrum agree upon.

Such unity is not only the stuff of taming this administration, but is laying the ground work for a 2016 Paul presidential run.

I’m sure ambitious Republicans and Democrats are watching this unlikely coalition with some alarm.

Senator Marco Rubio joined Senator Paul on the Senate floor, a move observers feel was designed to acknowledge the moment Paul created and book mark himself as an ally – perhaps for his own future presidential campaign use.

Whether Americans need to fearfully look skyward is something the good senator and Obama will soon discuss.

Presently, Rand Paul has defeated drone-by shooting on American soil, at least in the court of public opinion.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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