Adios, Hugo Chavez!

by Cap Black


Cancer has claimed Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez at a time when members of tyranny’s death watch may have had their attention on Cuba’s Fidel Castro, among other places. 

Progressive pigmentists will (loudly) note I’m allegedly celebrating the demise of a persons’ of color, to the exclusion of others, meaning White folks. 

Let me correct that oversight by the inclusion of the following quota pick: 

Nicolae Ceaușescu, Romania’s “ballistically retired” dictator in 1989, is seen in much better days in the pictures below, with a Rogues Gallery of fellow global goons:

Kim II Sung
Yasser Arafat 

Let the record show his skin color, which is irrelevant since he was executed by people who looked just like him. 

I now return to Hugo Chavez. 

While much is made of his socialist philosophy, here are some figures from a subject, crime prevention, near and dear to my heart. 

Homicide under his reign at least tripled from 6,000 in 1989 – ten years before he took office – to 19,000 in 2011 and 32,692 in 2012. 

These figures alone speak volumes about quality of life while he ruled. Police there were also subjects of routine international human rights investigations — another indelible blot on his record.  

I also remember happy crowds of flag waving Venezuelans forced to vote here in New Orleans last year because he closed their Miami consulate for fear of opposition — another world class low. 

Like his Romanian counterpart, I listed for mock PC (political correctness); Chavez was yet another strong man flexing his muscles to a Fat Left tune. 

Floating atop oil reserves some say rival those of Saudi Arabia, Venezuela’s nationalized economy is in either ruins or a model of social investment, depending upon whom you ask.    

The nation’s regional highs in both inflation and debt cast serious doubt upon the late Chavez as an economic miracle worker. 

Socialism has failed to make nations richer elsewhere, so why would Venezuela be any different? 

Chavez accused former US president George Bush of being Satan, but it seems his legacy is that of creating a hell on Earth while pointing the finger elsewhere. 


Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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