Choose Grassroots Over GOP Establishment?


by Cap Black 

Black folks haven’t given the GOP a reason to court us!

This may anger liberals and conservatives within my community (and beyond!), but this fact isn’t being mentioned! 

Waiting for middle-aged frat boys at the local, state and RNC levels to “get religion” about more Black folks in the Republican Party is highly unlikely. 

Given that most of our vote was not once, but twice, was thrown to Obama, doesn’t thaw conservative hearts now more frozen than ever on Black inclusion. 

I see non-GOP establishment entities like the Tea Party, Freedom Works and traditionalist third parties like the Christian party welcoming Black conservatives with open arms. 

The Abolitionist mantle has slipped the Republican Party grasp in terms of representation (Michael Steele’s RNC chairmanship noted) and has been happily taken up by grassroots activists who see principle more than pigmentation. 

I’m not saying Republicans are racist per se, but they are realists who assess Black voter turnout and rabid support of liberal platform items as reasons to write us off. 

They feel Black voters wrote off the Republican Party generations ago. 

Grassroots traditional values activists welcome Black conservatives because they know how difficult it is getting fellow American Whites to abandon socialism, let alone Black conservatives herculean struggle! 

The way forward may rest in by-passing the GOP establishment and running Tea Party and third party Black conservative candidates who otherwise wouldn’t get Old Guard Republican support. 

Their campaigns and potential victories can be used to create new coalitions of diverse Americans concerned about family values and the constitution, without being bogged down by GOP machinery. 

This also will give Republicans and Democrat-only Black voters a much needed wakeup call that their Cold war isn’t the only game in town. 

Americans who love shared principle over various hues are uniting at the grassroots level while the status quo festers. 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

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Cap Black is a Contributing Writer for The Bold Pursuit


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