Saving the Hood from “Chocolate Klansmen”

by Cap Black

This astonishing vision of unladylike vulgarity and violence is the daily, bitter harvest of what White liberals inflict upon American Blacks: ignorance of a sort that boggles the mind.

My Cap Black “Make Peace with America” effort has the herculean task of either de-programming these folks (lost cause?), or barring that, assisting authorities in their prosecution.

Please note how Atlanta store manager Darien Long (from the video) is garbed more like a police officer or military peace keeper, than a retail supervisor against this threat. 

Zero tolerance: Darien Long has been lauded as a hero after a shocking video showed him tasering a woman outside a mall in Atlanta. An online fundraising campaign is currently at $20,000 supporting the guard

In the Hood, one either is a “hero” resisting this threat or a hostage imprisoned by it. My old opening question during urban safety presentations unapologetically asked, “Hero or Hostage in the Hood – Choose?” 

As crack destroyed my neighborhood and urban America in the 80s, I chose the former. I can’t allow savages with sagging jeans to dictate my reality. 

Our White conservative brethren did their part during the Reagan administration by imposing harsh federal penalties on crack dealers and the mega-violence their trade brought. 

Heeding the ironic cries of Black Democrats caught in the crossfire of drug turf warfare, so-called “racist” White Republicans made sure Black crime victims got first class treatment. 

Unsurprisingly, Obama’s first term saw him reduce mandatory minimum sentencing for crack offenders, under the racist premise that it’s a “non-violent” crime. 

I say the following with all due respect: let his wife or daughters become crack addicts like so many inner city women and we’ll see how long he’d consider this curse ” non-violent.”   

Urban safety is the civil rights issue confronting my generation. “Chocolate Klansmen” is my nickname for kill-crazy drug dealers out doing the classic one in terrorizing American Blacks. 

It also applies to vile, violent women like the one in the video who got the tazing she richly deserved. 

Chocolate Klansmen are what White liberals need to keep themselves in power. The lower we sink, the longer they and their Black apprentices rule over our bloc vote. 

Please note, White liberals won’t live beside women like this; nor will they allow community street corners to be occupied by small boy units of crack dealers. 

Such is reserved for those of us in slave quarters, which is what America’s inner cities are under White liberals and their Black apprentices. 

Saving the Hood from chocolate Klansmen requires de-programming where possible, and cooperation with authorities. 

The ratio tilts far more toward cooperation with authorities to prosecute them than the other way around. 

My “Make Peace with America” effort isn’t about making excuses for savagery – it’s about making new patriots who build up society where its weakest, instead of tearing America down. 

American Blacks who want safety and decency must find the “Cap Black” within to take charge and stand up to chocolate Klansmen instead of bowing down to them. 

Saving the hood from chocolate Klansmen begins by telling them their savagery is unacceptable and meeting it with resistance. 

Happy American History Month! (This is my alternative to Black [Liberal] History Month. 

“Make Peace with America” presentation link:

Cap Black, the Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit





A “Commanding” Performance: Former SecState Colin Powell

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican and American hero whose race pride and moderate liberalism caused him to support Obama twice. 

Powell’s recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor was the latest installment of a two-term command performance for Obama:

As a Jim Crow vintage American Black, he sees Obama in the same Messianic haze as the rest of his, my and the succeeding generation. 

Older American Blacks erroneously feel Obama justifies every injustice they’ve experienced. This misapplication of the old school concept of race pride has been tragic to behold. 

Obama’s big government policies resonate with the shrinking Rockefeller brand, which puts it at odds with today’s more fiscally conservative GOP (despite George W. Bush’s big spending). 

Powell is what most Black Republicans once were: social liberals and moderates who thought the welfare state need a steady hand, as opposed to Democrat freewheeling

They felt big government just needed the right management team, not reduction. They saw themselves as its careful stewards. 

That perspective is at odds with current Republican thinking, of any color. 

Some speculate Powell is using Obama as revenge for mistreatment at the hands of the second Bush administration regarding his tenure as Secretary of State and UN weapons of mass destruction presentation. 


As an American Black, I know only too well the mania his generation feels while supporting Obama at all costs. 

They dangerously equate him as some secular equivalent to Jesus and declare Black opposition as civic sacrilege.   

Given Colin Powell’s stellar military, White House and foreign policy credentials, I hoped he didn’t see himself as a surly slave needing Obama as payback against his oppressors. 

That seems a hope in vain. 

If we’re brutally honest, Powell’s candid Obama-ism merely articulates where many Rockefeller and even conservative Republicans who’re Black stand on Obama. 

They just won’t openly admit it. 

Attacking the GOP as racist, while supporting a president who ignores growing Black suffering under his watch is hypocritical

Colin Powell’s command performance on Obama’s behalf shows just how badly American Blacks of his generation and others feel about America. 

I understand his command performance, because I see it daily in Black culture. Sadly, there is no pause button or curtain call to halt this spectacle.  

Cap Black, the Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit



Infamous DHS “Scissors” Video

by Cap Black

The above link is a US Department of Homeland Security video advising citizens on best practices when confronted by active shooter scenarios.

Please watch it while I await, quietly humming, “The Battle Hymn of The Republic.”

As a long term citizen on patrol; security professional and second amendment advocate, I give it a thumbs up – with reservations.

I also note no mention being made of citizens defending themselves with firearms. The only defensive weapon displayed was a hastily grabbed pairs of scissors, a feat already making the rounds in the conservative blogosphere.

Liability can be noted as the main reason to avoid even the semblance of an official endorsement of defensive lethal force usage. That could be why only a fleeting glimpse of the above captioned scissors was offered while the narrator advised ” using anything ” in these worst case scenarios.

That’s me being objective.

My non-objective, self-defense advocate side classifies this as the latest instance of government motivationally disarming the public.

Attendant to disarmament (motivational & literal) is criminalization where victims are instructed to hold up their hands (like suspects!); expect police to yell at them and perhaps being forced onto the ground.

A related concern is wholesale carnage made much easier in sterile zones like airports, court houses etc., where scissors would have been confiscated, if the owner wasn’t arrested outright.

We live in a strange era where the will to defend oneself is viewed as criminal, despite it being still legal.

This DHS video was instructive for many reasons, pro and con government disarmament bias.

As a self defense advocate, I can unequivocally state that psychologically and literally disarming the populace makes criminals, individual lunatics and foreign agents brutal dreams come true more readily.

Statist Democrats and Republicans have imperiously decreed we’re unworthy of our natural right to self-defense.

I strongly suggest we reverse this trend, because the bureaucrats pushing disarmament in all its forms do so behind secure structures; protective devices and armed guards,

This safety disparity is summed up by my caveat,

” Rich People Get Bodyguards, Poor People get Shot! “

That’s what the DHS infamous scissors video tells me.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Despising Obama and the “Demo-Crack Party”


by Cap Black 

My maternal grandmother was a patriot who loved America; respected the flag (even standing on arthritic legs when pledge played on TV) and honored God, whom she reverently called, “Father.” 

She respected the office of president of the United States even while holding certain occupants in low regard. 

She lived long enough to see Obama nominated by the Demo-crack Party, as it finally found the perfect dealer to addict even more Americans than predecessors. 

I despise the man. He’s a racist con artist manipulating Americans, especially Black ones with low self-esteem, into giving him more power at their expense. 

His two victories prove how dangerous “low information voters” are to free markets and the Republic housing them. 

Racist liberals smugly sold Obama to fellow Whites as an “okay” Black man given having a  White mother. 

Black liberal racism watchers fumbled the ball on blowing the whistle about this first of endless slaps in the face. 

Are only bi-racial American Blacks “good” enough to be Demo-crack standard bearers? 

This fact is overlooked, while they hypocritically race bait conservatives, who ironically support American Blacks with same race parentage. 

Absent this genealogical disclaimer, 2012 may very well have decided Hillary Clinton or John McCain’s second term as president. 

White liberal racism at the elite level clumsily manifested itself by offering American Blacks a candidate who wasn’t “too” Black and thus acceptable to the Demo-crack coalition of social program dealers and their clientele. 

Compounded by the facts Obama repeatedly says he’s “not the president of Black America” and refuses to address our unemployment nor urban murder rate, leads to a one-word summation: Racist. 

I despise liberal racists who manipulate weak minded American Blacks and despise weak minded American Blacks for allowing such manipulation. 

Despising Obama means despising the way the Demo-crack party needs the electoral equivalent of crack heads to win elections. 

Their racism and communist agenda put the worst right wing bigotry to shame. At least right wing bigots are honest about their bigotry!  

I despise Obama and the Demo-crack party for trying to destroy America in the name of “equality ” and “social justice.” 

It looks like they’re succeeding. 

Cap Black the Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit