Dr. Carson’s “Obama Surprise”

Dr. Benjamin Carsonby Cap Black

God will surprise pharaoh every time. 

I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that Obama assumed merely because he and Dr. Ben Carson shared the same color that he had another gushing supplicant at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The good doctor’s presentation was a victory for individuality. He smited political correctness; Obamacare; and all other Demo-crack trickery with gentle words and brutal honesty.

Conservatives rallied around him as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

God will surprise pharaoh every time.

The frozen look on Obama’s face bore majestic witness to this truth. So-called ” god-kings ” don’t like to be up staged, especially on their home turf.

Watch and enjoy:
Traditionalists have prayed and bitterly wondered if hope was left, after two victories for Marxist secular socialism.

Dr. Carson’s tour de force showed there’s still hope and God is still in control. Carson 2016? We may have to wait awhile for that prognosis to come true.

Dr. Benjamin Carson was God’s surprise to a president who sees himself as a latter day ruler of a modern Egypt.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Racism Doesn’t License Rampages

by Cap Black

Since Black male Facebook manifestos are all the rage lately, here’s mine, posted Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013:

Just because I think some White folks mistreat me, doesn’t grant me a hunting license to run around like a chocolate Klansman, stalking people like the classic version.

Liberals would tell me I have every right to rampage against racism, so long as I don’t do so against them. LOL – playing barbarian at the gate against police, banks and other conservative institutions is better than X BOX for them.

There are only three empty roles the Left offers Black men: rampager ( as Christopher Dorner was alleged to be ), recipient of Demo-crack addiction in the form of social services or reflection or an empty suit repeating their doctrine.

Growing up in a town (Savannah GA) with a surplus of reddened-necks in my youth, I knew I couldn’t sink to being the Black version of such mindless bigotry.

Committing crime gift-wraps Black men and presents them to Americas bigots, who triumphantly trumpet, “See, I told you so! They’re animals!”

The same liberals cheering on Black criminals are themselves not incarcerated nor under state supervision.

They sit safely at home or in academia, far removed from your misdeeds.

My message to Brothers my color and Brothers who are aren’t is: RACISM DOESN’T LICENSE RAMPAGES!

The second you go ” Klansman ” in response to perceived bias, you just obscured your cause behind the crime!

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Killer, Former Cop Dorner Isn’t Malcolm X 2.0

by Cap Black 

Like many American Blacks, the late El Hajj Malik Shabazz (hereafter Malcolm X) made an impression upon me. 

It’s through the lens of this impression that I now view the Christopher Dorner case. 

Surprisingly to some, Dorner enjoys an active fan base of otherwise opposed progressives and constitutionalists who mutually mistrust police, especially LAPD. 

I could make the obligatory anti-LAPD statement, but suffice it to say I too find them heavy handed, but also recognize the hyper violent opposition they face. 

When poor people of all colors run wild in the streets, they prompt creation of municipal armies like this department to combat them. 

Critics of his day (and now) accused Malcolm X of being a racist and proponent of violence. 

To his credit, he always preached restraint and obeying the law, including using self-defense statutes- a stance, along with his White liberal critique, which endears him to numerous modern conservatives. 

His quote, “I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self-defense; I call it intelligence” could have been made by current conservative state legislators while drafting “Stand Your Ground” laws. 

Unlike Malcolm X, Dorner chose, as his first two victims, folks un-involved in his LAPD grievance. He allegedly gunned down an unarmed woman and man, not quite a Malcolm X move.  

The silence from Dorner’s groupies is deafening over this gruesome issue. Condoning private brutality like this to oppose police brutality places them in the same league as Rodney King’s tormentors and the uniformed drug-dealing assassins of the Rampart Division scandal. 

Even the police officers he shot (one of whom died) played no role in his termination from the department. 

LAPD’s brutality and corruption are used to cloak a private variety as extra-legal retaliation. 

Yet another non-Malcolm X stance. 

His White liberal supporters must grin and bear it in the face of statements like this from his famous lecture, “God’s Judgment of White America,” better known as, “The Chickens Come Home to Roost” speech: 

“The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.” 

This December 4, 1963 presentation prompted the late Elijah Muhammad to suspend him from the Nation of Islam for describing the Kennedy assassination, “as chickens coming home to roost.” 

It also led to his leaving Black separatism for a more inclusive nationalism where he worked with anyone interested in human rights reform. 

This included socialists and alarmed the US government to no small end as the head of Soviet client states welcomed him with open arms overseas. 

Compared to the support Dorner’s manifesto lavishes upon progressive policy like an assault weapons ban (look at the above photo to guess Malcolm X position); liberal politicians and news casters, amounts to another disqualification of Dorner as a latter day Malcolm X. 

In the final analysis, Christopher Dorner is no Malcolm X. His violent response to injustice is at odds with the restraint and self-defense stance Malcolm X advocated. 

Please sign & share petition, “Christopher Dorner Isn’t A Celebrity” on Change.org https://www.change.org/petitions/christopher-dorner-isnt-a-celebrity 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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Christopher Dorner: A “Real” Spook Who Sat by the Door?

Watch this video


Imagine a nominally liberal Black former cop and Naval Reservist ( named Christopher Dorner ) goes on a rampage against his previous employer, the Los Angeles Police Department, promising a one man insurgency?
Sounds like a Blacksploitation movie plot, doesn’t it? It’s real and so are questions his manifesto raises.

His civil rights complaints and support of liberal mouth pieces like the infamous Piers Morgan prompts a disturbing question:

Should police departments monitor progressive police officers for fear they may become violently radical?

Christian constitutionalists have been on police and intelligence radar for years. With a liberal president in office, a blind spot may have developed regarding leftist extremists, especially American Black ones.

Black officers, as a group, come from very liberal communities. Anti-police and anti-White conditioning runs deep in these zip codes.

Our civil rights organizations; colleges and political organizations all download anti–Establishment zealotry into young urban minds. 

Are Black police immune to this programming?

lack nationalist revenge novel, ” The Spook Who Sat By the Door ” ( also a 1973 movie ) comes to mind.

A Black CIA officer uses his para military skills to organize gangs to over throw America because of racism.


It’s early days yet about this case, but I close with these final questions: Is Christopher Donner a real spook who sat by the door?


And in the wake of rampant liberal programming of American Blacks since the sixties, is he the only one?


Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Modern American Revolutionary: Jay Parker

by Cap Black

There are two types of revolutionary: those who tear down countries and those who build them up.

Jay Parker is the revolutionary who builds his country up. In the 1960s, he chose principled patriotism and organizations like Young Americans for Freedom while liberals profanely protested and joined less reputable groups.

“Courage To Put Country Above Color” tells this epic story and how his behind-the-scenes presence closed what I call the, ” conservative gap ” between the Reagan Administration and like minded American Blacks, most notably his friend, future Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.


Mr. Parker tackled the very touchy issue of exposing communist infiltration and backing of some of the New Left’s Black show pieces. This same courage was later demonstrated while assisting South African capitalists at war with Soviet-supported, popular liberation fronts.

Apartheid was an absolute denial of the citizenship of Black South Africans, but handing the region over to the Soviets was a line Mr. Parker wasn’t prepared to cross.

This brought him considerable heat from liberal elites and challenged my thinking as someone who youthfully opposed Reagan’s constructive engagement policies back then, despite being a conservative.

Instead of an American communist revolt, Mr Parker spent his life fighting to preserve the American Revolution and extend its promise more fully in modern times.

We rarely hear about this type of American Black revolutionary, if at all.

His example of placing country above color is one of the reasons I founded American History Month as a conservative alternative to what’s become Black ( Liberal ) History Month.

Like Booker T. Washington, and even liberal champions of the constitution like Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, I am indebted to Mr Parker.

He showed me American Blacks can be revolutionaries who build up traditional values and free markets, instead of tearing them down.

Our revolution, like all Americans, is part and parcel of the one which freed the Thirteen Colonies from British rule.

Happy American History Month!

“Courage To Place Country Above Color” the book about Jay Parker, is free and can be ordered as follows:

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Cap BlackCap Black The Hood Conservative






Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

The Victimization of George Zimmerman

by Cap Black 

I’ve been a citizen on patrol for over 20 years. My stomping grounds are often Southern inner-cities where I grew up and currently reside. 

I also walk business districts where the very poor and very well off warily pass by each other and give food to the homeless planted there. 

This places me well to the right of the communist “Black Citizens Council” thug lobby lionizing the Hood’s hoods as anything but criminals.

 I call them “chocolate Klansmen.” 

As such, I have much more in common with George Zimmerman of the Trayvon Martin case fame than liberal Blacks ignoring our murder rate to go ape over occasional non-Black suspects. 

The Hood’s molly coddled tormentors are my personal specialty. I make no secret of believing that opposing them is today’s equivalent of the 1963 March On Washington. 

As a citizen on patrol and an American Black, I followed the Zimmerman case closely. This unique vantage sometimes placed me at odds with mainstream media and conservative news outlets. 

Things have cooled off a bit, allowing a more dispassionate review of a case race-baiters hoped would explode into national ethnic warfare. 

I know only too well the thug mindset downloaded into millions of young Black male minds- it culturally surrounds me. 

Liberals prefer to privately air these concerns, but I don’t owe chocolate Klansmen the courtesy of a gag order. 

Their ignorant, bullying swagger and violence is well known to Americans of all colors. Pictures and accounts surfaced that suggest the late Trayvon Martin may have been part of this ghetto branch of anti-social, communist collectivism. 

Gold teeth, while not a constitutional admission of criminality, argue badly when benefit of the doubt is required. 

Where I’m from, such cosmetic dentistry is a sure sign of chocolate Klansman affiliation. One is either a predator or perhaps trying to fit in with these goons. 

Even worse are thug enablers in good standing of supportive “Black Citizens Councils,” which include civil rights organizations, activists, clergy, and others who should know better. 

Reports that Martin was suspended from school during the fatal night in question also tilt the benefit of the doubt away from him in some minds. 

Critics can dismiss this conjecture as purely circumstantial, especially the famed hoodie worn that fatal night. 

American Black boys and men have the dubious right to gold teeth and not to have legal infractions outweigh the facts in separate matters. 

We’re also free to walk at night to purchase Skittles or anything else we can afford. 

We’re not free, however, to ignore how chocolate Klansman rampages place other Americans on guard against us. 

This is the real world. I always advise urban boys and men not to use thug-wear, nor hang out with known criminals.

Again, they’re free to do so, but society (police and concerned citizens of all colors) are also free to exercise added scrutiny these stupid decisions invite. 

My “Make Peace With America” dialogue places blame squarely upon them, not others, for adopting chocolate Klansman mannerisms, attire, and records. 

George Zimmerman, like other Americans, doubtlessly knows that chocolate Klansmen are disproportionately represented in local criminal ranks. 

That’s not racism; it’s realism based upon who’s committing crime. 

While deeply concerned that he may have followed Martin after calling 911 with his suspicions, as a citizen on patrol, I know Martin also fit the age and attire of this offender group. 

I’ve lost more people to chocolate Klansmen than I can count. The vicious subculture mass-producing them promises even more murder. 

While questions about Zimmerman on that fatal night are understandable, looming over them remains a Black male criminal dynamic that liberal Black Citizens Councils refuse to denounce. 

They also refuse to explore Black on White crime rates and their toxic role in race relations few dare discuss above whispers. 

Like daily Black murder victims no liberal trumpets, George Zimmerman is a victim too- of socialist silence about chocolate Klansmen and the cover-up provided while demonizing occasional non-Blacks suspected of killing us. 

Against this loaded back drop, it’s clear George Zimmerman is a victim too! 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Declaration: I’m An Allen West American


Allen West makes liberals mad!

And God Bless him for it! 

They hate seeing American Black men loudly, proudly defend America; free markets; the Judeo-Christian ethic and traditional values. 

Doing this means no need for central management from the DNC and other communist controllers. 

Liberals see Black folks as goose-stepping goons and basket cases on speed dial for their latest “Anything Goes!” schemes. 

I often compare Allen West to Malcolm X, another pugilistic plain talker who, unlike the former Congressman, aggressively promoted racial separation, before renouncing it. 

West promotes racial unity as part of a muscular American nationalism anyone can join. 

Every groups uphill climb, ours included, was taken so we could be citizens, not a flunkies who liberals use to extort money and sovereignty from America’s shrinking majority.

Allen West, like the aforementioned Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, shows how one vocal visionary can impact society. 

Our generation had barriers swept from our path which many forebears died thinking would never fall. 

I call us the first free generation of American Blacks and frankly should be much more like West than the liberal agitators mumbling division and criminality. 

As the first February observance of what I’ve re-named American History Month (aka Black Liberal History Month) approaches, I’ve dedicated it to US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas  – his generation’s conservative standard bearer. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add I’m an Allen West American- loud and proud when need be! 

Allen West answers a rhetorical question I’ve had for years. I ask, “When do we Black folks born here finally call ourselves Americans?” 

How about now? 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One

by Cap Black 

American ancestry is drawn from the various nations of the Earth. As such, there’s no language or custom that conceivably couldn’t be found within our ranks. 

E Pluribus Unum or “out of many one,” is a saying lost in the modern tower of Babel that’s become our contemporary culture. 

We have a common language, English, despite encroachments from the South West, which allows us to communicate. 

This language has its own diversity in the form of regional dialects and slang. Still, we do have a national tongue and should resist efforts to demote it. 

My American History Month alternative to Black (Liberal) History Month isn’t only focused upon American Blacks – it includes all Americans. 

Balkanizing and ghettoizing ourselves, regardless of color, accomplishes little more than making the country easy pickings for communists who’ve stirred simmering discontent for generations. 

The military addressed this issue by telling recruits their new pigmentation was “green ” or whatever the service color happened to be. 

In this way, individual characteristics became the central issue, as opposed to ethnicity. While not fool proof, the military became a race-relations model civilians found beneficial. 

This recession has united us, those with sense at least, in a misery the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. 

Skin tone; zip code; education; political party and other labels succumb to the grinding need to either become allies or antagonists. 

American History Month is a rallying cry to strengthen ties that bind, instead of carping about what various ethnic teams didn’t get from a high-taxing Uncle Sam. 

The Demo-crack party addicted all kinds of Americans in this desperate time. Those who still believe traditional values and free markets are the answer need to join forces. 

Let’s transition from lone ranger mindsets to becoming a seventh Calvary riding to America’s rescue. 

“Out of many: one!” is what we should keep in mind. 

It doesn’t matter what ship your ancestors arrived in, we’re in the same boat now. 

Happy American History Month! 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit