Congressman Defends Obama, His Muslim Brother

by Cap Black 

This unequaled display of rudeness by US Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) on the Sean Hannity show wasn’t just bad manners. 

He’s a Muslim and citing his religion is instructive for this reason: his pugilistic attitude is expected when one Muslim brother feels he’s defending another Muslim brother, in this case, Obama.

While the president says he’s a Christian, many American Black Muslims still see him as a brother Muslim and zealously defend him. 

One American Black Muslim proudly told me he feels Obama secretly uses a prayer rug in the privacy of the Oval Office. 

This view isn’t unique. 

Ellison’s performance was light years beyond normal Obama frenzy because there was a crusading religious dimension to it. 

In the Congressman’s mind, Hannity was an unbeliever unfit to utter even a single word against a brother Muslim (Obama). 

Viewers can’t help but note the jihadi swagger on full display in this episode. Ellison gleefully interrupted the host at every juncture in the interview, if it can be called one. 

Representative Ellison has inadvertently answered what the president’s true faith is in many skeptical minds.  

This wasn’t yet another Black Obama supporter genuflecting before his political image. This was a Muslim defending a brother Muslim by literally taking over the Sean Hannity show! 

I’ve studied the Black experience within Islam my entire adult life and know when someone is waving his verbal scimitar (rhetorical sword) around at an unbeliever. 

How sad the Congressman doesn’t see himself as an American somewhere within this inflamed identity displayed on Fox news. 

While he will get high fives at radical mosques, he actually harmed the American Muslim community by acting more like an Al Qaeda mouth piece than a Congressman! 

Cap Black The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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