Racism Doesn’t License Rampages

by Cap Black

Since Black male Facebook manifestos are all the rage lately, here’s mine, posted Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013:

Just because I think some White folks mistreat me, doesn’t grant me a hunting license to run around like a chocolate Klansman, stalking people like the classic version.

Liberals would tell me I have every right to rampage against racism, so long as I don’t do so against them. LOL – playing barbarian at the gate against police, banks and other conservative institutions is better than X BOX for them.

There are only three empty roles the Left offers Black men: rampager ( as Christopher Dorner was alleged to be ), recipient of Demo-crack addiction in the form of social services or reflection or an empty suit repeating their doctrine.

Growing up in a town (Savannah GA) with a surplus of reddened-necks in my youth, I knew I couldn’t sink to being the Black version of such mindless bigotry.

Committing crime gift-wraps Black men and presents them to Americas bigots, who triumphantly trumpet, “See, I told you so! They’re animals!”

The same liberals cheering on Black criminals are themselves not incarcerated nor under state supervision.

They sit safely at home or in academia, far removed from your misdeeds.

My message to Brothers my color and Brothers who are aren’t is: RACISM DOESN’T LICENSE RAMPAGES!

The second you go ” Klansman ” in response to perceived bias, you just obscured your cause behind the crime!

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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