The Victimization of George Zimmerman

by Cap Black 

I’ve been a citizen on patrol for over 20 years. My stomping grounds are often Southern inner-cities where I grew up and currently reside. 

I also walk business districts where the very poor and very well off warily pass by each other and give food to the homeless planted there. 

This places me well to the right of the communist “Black Citizens Council” thug lobby lionizing the Hood’s hoods as anything but criminals.

 I call them “chocolate Klansmen.” 

As such, I have much more in common with George Zimmerman of the Trayvon Martin case fame than liberal Blacks ignoring our murder rate to go ape over occasional non-Black suspects. 

The Hood’s molly coddled tormentors are my personal specialty. I make no secret of believing that opposing them is today’s equivalent of the 1963 March On Washington. 

As a citizen on patrol and an American Black, I followed the Zimmerman case closely. This unique vantage sometimes placed me at odds with mainstream media and conservative news outlets. 

Things have cooled off a bit, allowing a more dispassionate review of a case race-baiters hoped would explode into national ethnic warfare. 

I know only too well the thug mindset downloaded into millions of young Black male minds- it culturally surrounds me. 

Liberals prefer to privately air these concerns, but I don’t owe chocolate Klansmen the courtesy of a gag order. 

Their ignorant, bullying swagger and violence is well known to Americans of all colors. Pictures and accounts surfaced that suggest the late Trayvon Martin may have been part of this ghetto branch of anti-social, communist collectivism. 

Gold teeth, while not a constitutional admission of criminality, argue badly when benefit of the doubt is required. 

Where I’m from, such cosmetic dentistry is a sure sign of chocolate Klansman affiliation. One is either a predator or perhaps trying to fit in with these goons. 

Even worse are thug enablers in good standing of supportive “Black Citizens Councils,” which include civil rights organizations, activists, clergy, and others who should know better. 

Reports that Martin was suspended from school during the fatal night in question also tilt the benefit of the doubt away from him in some minds. 

Critics can dismiss this conjecture as purely circumstantial, especially the famed hoodie worn that fatal night. 

American Black boys and men have the dubious right to gold teeth and not to have legal infractions outweigh the facts in separate matters. 

We’re also free to walk at night to purchase Skittles or anything else we can afford. 

We’re not free, however, to ignore how chocolate Klansman rampages place other Americans on guard against us. 

This is the real world. I always advise urban boys and men not to use thug-wear, nor hang out with known criminals.

Again, they’re free to do so, but society (police and concerned citizens of all colors) are also free to exercise added scrutiny these stupid decisions invite. 

My “Make Peace With America” dialogue places blame squarely upon them, not others, for adopting chocolate Klansman mannerisms, attire, and records. 

George Zimmerman, like other Americans, doubtlessly knows that chocolate Klansmen are disproportionately represented in local criminal ranks. 

That’s not racism; it’s realism based upon who’s committing crime. 

While deeply concerned that he may have followed Martin after calling 911 with his suspicions, as a citizen on patrol, I know Martin also fit the age and attire of this offender group. 

I’ve lost more people to chocolate Klansmen than I can count. The vicious subculture mass-producing them promises even more murder. 

While questions about Zimmerman on that fatal night are understandable, looming over them remains a Black male criminal dynamic that liberal Black Citizens Councils refuse to denounce. 

They also refuse to explore Black on White crime rates and their toxic role in race relations few dare discuss above whispers. 

Like daily Black murder victims no liberal trumpets, George Zimmerman is a victim too- of socialist silence about chocolate Klansmen and the cover-up provided while demonizing occasional non-Blacks suspected of killing us. 

Against this loaded back drop, it’s clear George Zimmerman is a victim too! 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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