Infamous DHS “Scissors” Video

by Cap Black

The above link is a US Department of Homeland Security video advising citizens on best practices when confronted by active shooter scenarios.

Please watch it while I await, quietly humming, “The Battle Hymn of The Republic.”

As a long term citizen on patrol; security professional and second amendment advocate, I give it a thumbs up – with reservations.

I also note no mention being made of citizens defending themselves with firearms. The only defensive weapon displayed was a hastily grabbed pairs of scissors, a feat already making the rounds in the conservative blogosphere.

Liability can be noted as the main reason to avoid even the semblance of an official endorsement of defensive lethal force usage. That could be why only a fleeting glimpse of the above captioned scissors was offered while the narrator advised ” using anything ” in these worst case scenarios.

That’s me being objective.

My non-objective, self-defense advocate side classifies this as the latest instance of government motivationally disarming the public.

Attendant to disarmament (motivational & literal) is criminalization where victims are instructed to hold up their hands (like suspects!); expect police to yell at them and perhaps being forced onto the ground.

A related concern is wholesale carnage made much easier in sterile zones like airports, court houses etc., where scissors would have been confiscated, if the owner wasn’t arrested outright.

We live in a strange era where the will to defend oneself is viewed as criminal, despite it being still legal.

This DHS video was instructive for many reasons, pro and con government disarmament bias.

As a self defense advocate, I can unequivocally state that psychologically and literally disarming the populace makes criminals, individual lunatics and foreign agents brutal dreams come true more readily.

Statist Democrats and Republicans have imperiously decreed we’re unworthy of our natural right to self-defense.

I strongly suggest we reverse this trend, because the bureaucrats pushing disarmament in all its forms do so behind secure structures; protective devices and armed guards,

This safety disparity is summed up by my caveat,

” Rich People Get Bodyguards, Poor People get Shot! “

That’s what the DHS infamous scissors video tells me.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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